N.O. Farms

31 Years of Neat Stuff and still Rockin'!

From Pottery to Radio to Fruit Crate Label Art to Rock Painting and Silly Raven Greeting Cards

Ventura, California U.S.A.

Introduction: Well it all started back in 1981 -- With Jan Newlee and Benton Owsley the founders of N.O. Farms (N.O. = Newlee Owsley). Jan was in High School and Benton was in College they were dating and sweethearts back then. Benton was a Agriculture Business student and Jan was an aspiring artist. Benton finally went from farming desires into radio and still today is known as Bennie Dingo and runs and operates the radio station Rock-it Radio. Jan who was hospitalized in the 80s and once again more recently hospitalized with mental illness, has battled with it since a child, yet has achieved to be an award winning artist.
She has worked in the various artistic mediums -- water color, acrylic and oil painting, pottery - hand building and throwing as N.O. Farms Ceramic Works, and in 2012 has started a line together with Benton's wit and her artwork as a line of greeting cards known as 'That Silly Raven' greeting cards. After 28 years of Public Service in Law Enforcement - Benton retired from Law Enforcement and is now working full time on his radio station of Rock-it Radio.
In 2012 N.O. Farms Logo changed a bit and now reads O.N. Farms as with retirement we are now trying to get ON a Farm - and positive thinking always helps!!!

Our Various Links and Webpages of N.O. Farms

  • Rock-it Radio -- Music from the first decade of Rock and Roll

  • Rock-it Radio Launching Pad -- 50s thru 70s Rock Radio Shows for sale.

  • N.O. Farms Ceramic Works

  • N.O. Farms Fruit Crate Citrus Labels - Original designs from Jan.

  • N.O. Farms Ebay Store -

  • That Silly Raven - Greeting Cards - New for 2012

  • Rock-it Radio Geocache Team

  • N.O. Farms Custom designed T Shirts - For Rock-it Radio and coming soon -- more!

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