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About us: Rock-it Radio is an established Internet Radio Station. We have been on the air since 1995. And a pioneer in Webradio, beginning in 1997. We have a format that will target your advertising to listeners that want your product. Rock-it Radio is a 50s and Early 60s only Music Station - focusing mainly on Doo Wop Group Harmony and Rockabilly and Rock and Roll music of the first decade of Rock and Roll.

If you sell vintage clothing, A rockabilly band with a new release, A retailer of 50s and 60s Rock and Roll or Promoter or anywhere in this area, Let Rock-it Radio advertise for you affordably and help you target your audience. Our Gigs are surprisingly affordable at $5 U.S. per gig.
If you want to target your advertising dollars to this audience worldwide we suggest you advertise with us. If you have your business on the internet, your advertising dollar will be going to those people already on the internet and purchase from the internet!

One Ad will reach up to 50,000 + people to our fan base on Rock-it Radio - Rock-it Radio subscribers Worldwide. Plus, be placed in the Rock-it Radio Online Newsletter, The Rock-it Radio Blog -- Being established for so many years we have a large base of worldwide listeners!!! Check out some of our accounts. These numbers are growing and was taken on 16 June, 2012.

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