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The Rock-it Radio Launching Pad (Click here for the Rock-it Store) is currently selling vintage Wolf Man Jack Radio broadcasts from 60's thru the 70's. Many of these Broadcasts come to us from his producer and fellow DJ at the time on XERB & XPRS -- Rick Ward who is also a DJ here at Rock-it Radio. These broadcasts (airchecks) are unscoped meaning they are uncut and unedited. You will hear the music, advertisements, great Wolfman excerpts over XERB Radio - Which blanketed the Southern Portion of the United States with it's large 150,000 Watt transmitter, uncut and unedited just like you would of back then. These shows are not available in our Rock-it Store and are only available here at Rock-it Radio.


DJ and Show: Wolfman Jack
Date of Broadcast: 15 March, 1971
RIR #404
Length: 66 minutes on CD (digitally remastered and placed on CD at our studios here at Rock-it Radio)

This is an actual broadcast of Wolfman Jack and his last broadcast on border blaster Radio Station XERB just across the Mexican Border in Baja California.
This broadcast also has a very special guest -- Jim Brown former Football great and turning actor at the time of this broadcast is interviewed by Wolfman Jack on this show.
You will hear the Wolfman once again in this broadcast in this uncut and unedited - Just like you would of heard it back in 1971! The show has been digitailly remastered from the studios of Rock-it Radio and placed on Compact Disc.

Here is a playlist of the show... of what you will hear on this CD!

1. Recording opesn with Unidentified Soul Song.
2. Advertisement for Tourism to Baja California
3. Station ID of XERB with Jingle
4. Wolfman Jack signs in with Here we go with the Wolfman Jack show!
5. Song: Gimme Good Lovin' -- Crazy Elephant
6. Wolfman Jack talks and gives station ID
7. Phone in to Wolfman Jack from Caller Identifying himself as Cactus Pete and Wolfman Jack jokes with him.
8. Wolfman plays song request -- 'God didn't make little green apples' by O.C. Smith
9. XERB ID - By Wolfman Jack -- 50,000 Watts of Soul on the Mighty XERB! And gives request line phone number.
10. Song: I'll get you in the end -- The Beatles
11. Song: I've got to satisfy you -- Unknown Soul Artist.
12. Advertisement for Mexican Tourism - Enjoy Mexico by Highway -- Starting in the city of Juarez! Great Ad!
13. Song: Son of a preacher man -- Dusty Springfield.
14. Wolfman Jack interjects -- You got the greatest of Gold on the Wolfman Jack show.
15. Song: This could go on forever --
16. Song: A rose by any other name -- The Drifters
17. Station ID -- XERB!
18. Wolfman yells -- Back to 1955! Song; That's the way it should be -- The Cleftones
19. Advertisement for Guy Brian Tires and Automotive.
20. Wolfman Jack with another ID -- 50,000 Watt XERB on 1090 on your radio dial!
21. Advertisement for Mexico Tourism -- Enjoy a wonderful weekend in Mexico.
22. Wolfman Jack states Stand by -- We got Jim Brown in the studio! here at XERB
23. Wolfman Jack interviews Football great - Actor and Author -- Jim Brown.
-- The discuss about Raquel Welch and her being in Playboy magazine. And they touch on the fact that he's balck and she's white in this movie together. They both get a little racey talking about Raquel Welch and talk more about the upcoming movie together.
24. Song; Unidentified song by the Staple singers.
25. Advertisement -- Musical advertisement - 72 Golden Oldies - send $6.98.
26. More interview with Jim Brown -- Pretty neat interview!
27. Station ID -- XERB 1090!
28. Interview continues - They mention a movie - 'The Princess Grasshopper'. They also discouss racial prejudice.
29. Cool Psychadelic Soul Song -- Unidentified.
30. More on interview with Jim Brown as he talks about his non-profit organization. (Fades out).
End of broadcast of this Wolfman Jack on XERB - The Mighty 1090!

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