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The Rock-it Radio Launching Pad (Click here for the Rock-it Store) is currently selling vintage Wolf Man Jack Radio broadcasts from 60's thru the 70's. Many of these Broadcasts come to us from his producer and fellow DJ at the time on XERB & XPRS -- Rick Ward who is also a DJ here at Rock-it Radio. These broadcasts (airchecks) are unscoped meaning they are uncut and unedited. You will hear the music, advertisements, great Wolfman excerpts over XERB Radio - Which blanketed the Southern Portion of the United States with it's large 150,000 Watt transmitter, uncut and unedited just like you would of back then. These shows are not available in our Rock-it Store and are only available here at Rock-it Radio.


DJ and Show: Wolfman Jack
Date of Broadcast: 15 April, 1972
RIR #402
Length: 45 minutes on CD (digitally remastered and placed on CD at our studios here at Rock-it Radio)

This is an actual broadcast of Wolfman Jack and his last broadcast on border blaster Radio Station XPRS just across the Mexican Border in Baja California.
This is Part 2 of a 3 part series of the last night of Wolfman Jack on XPRS and his affiliation across the border, before beginning his syndication Nationwide.

Here is a playlist of the show...

1. Song: Ain't no mountain high enough -- The Supremes
2. Song: "Cha Cha Cha" by group "Malow (?)
3. Wolfman interjects ... my my my ...
4. Song: Can't keep runnin' outta my life -- Martha and the Vandellas
5. Station ID -- Soul Express -- XPRS!
6. Public Service announcement from the Tijuana Rotary Club to fight Drug Addiction.
7. Advertisement for -- The Climax Club - Nightclub.
8. Wolfman Jack Jingle
9. Song: "Over and Over again"
10. Song: Mr. Penguin - Part I
11. Song: In the Rain -- The Dramatics
12. Station ID -- Soul Express -- XPRS!
13. Advertisement -- Oh What's Happenin? It's all happenin' at the Climax
14. Song: Grazin' in the grass
15. Wolfman Jack sings along
16. Song: Eenine Meenie Minie Moe -- The 8th Day.
17. Song: Back off Booga loo -- Ringo Starr
18. Song: Peace of Mind -- Jackie Wilson
19. Song: I gotcha
20. Wolfman Jack talks about his last night on XPRS - The Soul Express
21. Wolfman Jack Jingle -- Can you dig it? On the 1090 -- XPRS - The Soul Express
22. Song: La La La means I love you -- The Delfonics
23. Wolfman mentions ' ... mmm make love to your soul baby! "
End of Part 2 of 3 of the Final Broadcast of Wolfman Jack on XPRS!

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