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    Miscellaneous Rockabilly Sites....

    Coolsville dot Org New 2010 Social Website for all Mid Century Enthusiasts - Rockabilly, Doo Wop Lovers and Car Culture
    Rock-it Radio - Facebook Fansite Get Daily Updates of Rock-it Radio Shows as soon as they are released online and other Rock-it Radio bulletins's Rockabilly page A few Rockabilly Links from Rockabilly Site Everything Rockabilly for sale at
    Austrian Rockabilly What's Happening in Rockabilly in Austria
    Babe Society Copenhagen. Dedicated to the 50's scence in Denmark & Scandinavia
    Bakersfield Rockabilly dedicated to the history of Rockabilly in Bakersfield, Calif.
    Blackcat Rockabilly The Largest Rockabilly Site in Europe from the Netherlands - Rockabilly Directory 100+ Rockabilly Links on this site from around the world.
    Central European Rockabilly News website dedicated to RAB in Central Europe
    Galaxy Theatre Site of many Rockabilly Venues in Santa Ana, California
    German Rockabilly Andy Widder's excellent site on German Rockabilly
    Hemsby Weekender Premier Site of the Rockabilly Weekender in the UK
    Hicks With Sticks Site dedicated to the Rockabilly Scene in and around San Francisco
    Hillbilly central Home of the Hillbilly Mailing List.
    IUMA Rockabilly Music Page IUMA Rockabilly Site Lists Top 10 Downloads of Rockabilly MP3's with there available downloads.
    Kitti's Rockabilly Page Rockabilly Site from Estonia
    Kitty Kat Queen Page site where you can turn in pics of your car or tattoo work
    Pompadour 101 So you want a Pompadour but don't know how to go about it? click here
    Kylie's Swingin page of fun! Rockabilly / Swing page. Great Rockabilly and Retro styles for gals and Guys. This site is also a sponsor of Rock-it Radio!
    Planet Rockabilly Extensive Listings and News of the RAB World
    Rockabilly Central If it's Rockabilly it should be here! Great Site from the Mid-West
    Rockabilly Dating Go and meet the Rockabilly Cat or Kitten of your dreams!
    Rockabilly Fever New for 2008 -- Great Rockabilly Social Networking site with lots of potential!
    Rockabilly Girls Website dedicated to the Ladies of Rockabilly
    Rockabilly Hall of Fame out of Jackson, Tennessee. Home of Rockabilly Fest 2002 in August!
    Rockabilly News Front Page news in the Rockabilly News
    Rockabilly Rebels Various rockabilly links.
    Rockabilly Rules St. Petersburg Russia Rockabilly Site. Russian Rockabilly site... it looks good... I just can't read Russian
    Rockabilly Tidbits More Rockabilly News from the Rockabilly Hall of Fame
    Rockabilly Top Sites Ranked by # of hits on the internet
    Rockabilly Uprising Cleveland Ohio Based Rockabilly Site with local and National Rockabilly News and Venues.
    Rock N Roll Pagina Rock & Roll and Rockabilly Site out of The Netherlands with several cool links.
    Rocky Mountain Rockabilly If you love Rockabilly and you live in the Rockies.. this is the site!
    Rockin' Rudy's Den Great Rockabilly page from Detroit.
    Russian Billies website dedicated to Rockabilly in Russia
    South Coast Rockabilly Website devoted to the Rockabilly Scene today in the South Coast of the UK
    Swiss Rockabilly Website devoted to the Rockabilly Scene in Switzerland
    Tsunami Soul Awesome site of More Rockabilly Links
    Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Site Home of the Viva Las Vegas Easter Weekender
    We Wanna Boogie Rockabilly Site from Japan
    World Rockabilly Coalition Brand New Rockabilly Promotional Site for 2004! Compliments of Eagle Entertainment

    Rockabilly Bands and Singers and legends individual websites....

    The Accelerators Rockabilly Band out of the UK
    Alton and Jimmy SUN Rockabilly Artists from 1959
    Rayburn Anthony Another Great SUN Record Performer of the 50's Website
    Arsen Roulette & The Ricochets One Hot Rockabilly act out there today from Fresno, California
    Jonny 'The Velvet Elvis' Barber & The Rhythm Razors Featured on Rock-it Radio show #2156- Rock-a-billy Records Recording artist.
    Jack Baymoore & The Bandit's Great Rockabilly Band today out of Sweden
    Big Sandy official Website of Big Sandy
    Black Knights First RAB band we ever played from Sweden on Rock-it Radio
    Black Raven Great Sounding German Rockabilly band that has been out there since 1993.
    Blink it Hot New Belgian Rockabilly Band
    The Bop Kings Voted the #1 New Rockabilly Band at Viva Las Vegas 2002
    Mario Bradley Great Sounding Rockabilly Singer out of the UK
    Brandi and the Bad Cats Rockabilly Band out of Queensland Australia - Soon to be featured on Rock-it Radio!
    Marti Brom Female Rockabilly Artist extraoridinare
    Buffalo Billys Rockabilly and Neo Swing Band from Argentina
    Sonny Burgess Official Website of this former SUN Recording Artist
    Sonny Burgess' Legendary Pacers The official website of The Pacers! Sun Recording artists of Sonny Burgess' band
    Barbara Burnette Official website of Barbara featuring her latest release
    Burnette Family Page dedicated to Rocky & Johnny Burnette
    Cadillac Attack Rockabilly band out of Pensacola, Florida with there brand of Hot Rod Rockabilly!
    Ray Campi Rockabilly Icon from California -- this is his official website where his music can be purchased.
    Rip Carson One of the most energetic Rockabilly cats out there today! from San Diego, Calif.
    Johnny Cash official website of Johnny Cash
    Johnny Cash - Rock-it Radio Tribute Page Rock-it Radio Tribute Page to the Man in Black -- Johnny Cash!
    Catspaw All female Rockabilly Band out of New York City
    Cattie Ness & The Reckoning Bennie Dingo's Favourite RAB Band today! Out of Fresno, Calif.
    Cave Catt Sammy Hailing from San Antonio, Texas these guys know Rockabilly!
    The Chop Tops Rockabilly Group out of Fresno, Calif.
    Cigar Store Indians another one of the first RAB bands that Rock-it Radio played that's out there today.
    Eddie Cochran Simona's website dedicated to the music on Eddie Cochran
    Crazee Jay & The Partytimers Lead Female Vocalist Rockabilly Band out of the UK
    Crazy Cavan & The Rhythym Rockers Top Notch European Rockabilly Band
    Roy Cost Brand new Rockabilly Release "Rockabilly Baby" In EUrope plus an online Rockabilly DJ show!
    The Crazy Cubes Rockabilly Band from Austria
    Crazy Legs Rockinest Rockabilly Band out of Brazil!
    Jem Crossland & The Hypertonics Rockabilly Band out there today - That is rockin' the heck out of North Carolina and has a New CD out!
    Pat Cupp Official Website of this Rockabilly Great!
    Marco Da Silva & The Midnighters Brand New Rockabilly Band from Rome -- And first featured in show #685 of Rock-it Radio
    Mac Curtis Website of this Texas Rockabilly Legend
    Ronnie Dawson Official Website of Ronnie Dawson
    Diana & The Rockatones Rockabilly Today out of Madrid, Spain
    Bennie Dingo Bennie Dingo's website in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame site.
    Dizzy Elmer Rockabilly band today out of Portland, Oregon
    The Donettes Rockabilly Band today out of Seattle, Washington
    Doomsday Rockers Rockabilly band today out of the UK
    The Dusk Devils Rockabilly, Honky Tonk, Boogie Woogie, Hillbilly Band from Bakersfield, California
    Gene Evans Former SUN Record Artist with a new CD out
    Charlie Feathers Great Photo Page of Charlie Feathers
    Charlie Feathers Tapiov's site on Charlie Feathers Discography
    Narvel Felts Rockabilly Legend -- Recorded on SUN and Mercury
    The Fenderbenders featuring lead singer John Van Horn
    The Fire Bird Trio Victoria, Australia Rockabilly band - was featured on Rock-it Radio show #1970.
    Flash & The Retrorockets Rockabilly band today out of Las Vegas, Nevada
    Flat Foot Shakers Rockabilly band today from Australia
    Rosie Flores A Texabilly Kitten out there singing today
    Frankie Ford The New Orleans Dynamo from Sea Cruise Fame!
    Billy Fury Official website of the #1 Rockabilly Legend out of the UK
    Paul Galaxy & The Galactix From Colorado comes this screaming Rockabilly band with a Surf Guitar
    Gas Money Retro Rockin' band out of Philly PA.
    Glen Glenn RAB Hall of Fame website dedicated to Glen Glenn
    Glen Glenn Tapiov's discography site on RAB artist Glen Glenn
    Goin' Ape Hot Rockabilly band out today from Norway.
    Robert Gordon Danish website dedicated to Robert Gordon
    Charlie Gracie Rockabilly performer of the past and today!
    Charlie Gracie Website of movie being made about the life of 50's and 60's Pop Music Star Charlie Gracie
    Hack & The 57's Rockabilly from the Southwest!!! Kingman Arizona!
    Bill Haley & The Comets Extra! A special feature on the group compliments of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame
    Bill Haley & The Comets Another great site of this group from the UK
    Bill Haley & The Comets Everything for sale of the music of Bill Haley & Comets on
    Bill Haley & The Comets E Groups website on Bill Haley and the Comets
    The Hammers New Jersey's premiere 'Bluesabilly' band featured in Rock-it Radio show #1970.
    Brigitte Handley Rockabilly Filly out there today from Australia
    Dale Hawkins Official Website of Dale Hawkins - Louisiana 50's Rockabilly Legend.
    The Haywoods Roots Rockabilly band from the Bay Area of California
    Highway 13 Rockabilly Band from Pittsburg, Pa.
    Buddy Holly Buddy Holly Memorabilia Site
    Hopped Up Great up and coming band out of Northern California
    Hot Rocks French Rockabilly band featured in Rock-it Radio show #1970.
    James Intveld We first met this Rockin' cat in '98 in Irvine, Calif. And he is still rockin' the heck out of the Southland!
    Wanda Jackson Rockabilly website dedicated to this female rockabilly legend
    The Jets Rockabilly Band out of The UK that has been Rockin' Them for 30 years!
    The Jime Danish Rockabilly band featured in Rock-it Radio show #624
    Johnny & The Midnight Trio South England Rockabilly Band out there today featured on Rock-it Radio show #1970.
    Jumpin' Jupiter Rockabilly Band out of Arlington, Virginia
    Bob 'Git it' Kelly 50's Rockabilly Legend that is still out there today with a new CD Release. Featured in Rock-it Radio show #1970.
    King Voodoo Up and coming Rockabilly band from the UK
    Jerry King & The Rivertown Ramblers to be featured in Rock-it Radio show #740 - Great sounding Roots RAB band out of Ohio, USA
    Kings of Nuthin Great new upcoming Rockabilly band from Allston, Mass.
    John Bam Bam Lane featuring Bill Haley's Comets band featuring former members of the Comets
    Andy Lee Lang website of this Austrian Rockabilly sensation
    Cari Lee & The Saddleites San Francisco based Rockabilly Filly
    Lee's Revenge Rockabilly Band out of Austria.
    Legendary Daltons Rockabilly Band from Austria that's been rockin' since 1991
    Kim Lenz and her Jaguars Another Rockin' gal out there in the Rockabilly world
    Jerry Lee Lewis Official website of The Killer
    Jerry Lee Lewis site of his World wide Fan Club - of Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis
    Jerry Lee Lewis another website dedicated to The Killer
    Jimi Lipponen & the Kummitusjuna Finnish Rockabilly at it's finest
    Little Rachel Kansas City based Rockabilly and R&B Female Artist
    Lustre Kings Roots Style Rockabilly from the East Coast.
    Ian B. MacLeod - The Rockabilly Cowboy from Australia Rockabilly Singer on the Downunder Record Label of Pinewood Records
    Carl Mann Former SUN Record recording artist -- RAB Hall of Fame performer - Latest CD featured on Rock-it Radio show #1970.
    Janis Martin RAB Hall of Fame website dedicated to the Female Elvis
    The Megatones Rockabilly Group out of Spain.
    Mystery Gang Trio Great Sounding Rockabilly Band out of Budapest, Hungary. And now with there own Rockabilly show "Hepcat Jubilee" right here at Rock-it Radio.
    Ricky Nelson official website of Ricky Nelson
    Noisy Boys Out of Switzerland and on Blue Lake Records and featured in Rock-it show #916
    Oh Johnny Girls Rockabilly Band out of Norman, Oklahoma -featured on Rock-it Radio show #1970.
    Roy Orbison official website of this former SUN artist and Rockabilly and Rock and Roll legend.
    Tracy Pendarvis SUN Record Singer from 1959 that had great music but just arrived a little late to SUN.
    Carl Perkins History of Rock website on Carl Perkins
    Sam Phillips Tribute Page Rockabilly Hall of Fame's website of the obituary and tributes to SUN Founder Sam Phillips
    Sam Phillips Biography Page Rockabilly's Hall of Fame biography on the founder and creator of SUN Records.
    Barbara Pittman The RAB Hall of Fame site on this Rockin' SUN Gal of the 50's
    Barbara Pittman Barbara Pittman Tribute Page from the Rockabilly Hall of Fame
    Poison Okies Rockabilly from Oklahoma City
    PV & The Heartbeats Rockabilly band on Rarity Records from the Netherlands!
    Elvis Presley Everything for sale at of The King
    Raging Teens Rockabilly band from up there in New Hampshire
    Marvin Rainwater Official website of this Rockabilly Legend
    Jody Reynolds of Gold Record Fame "Endless Sleep" -- Rockabilly Hall of fame Site on this great artist of the 50's
    Reverend Horton Heat One of the top Premier Rockabilly bands touring today
    Rhythm 55 Rockabilly Band out of Germany
    Randy Rich & The Poor Boys More Rockabilly out of Germany with a new CD out on Rhythm Bomb Records
    The Ridgerunners Rockabilly - Hillbilly Style out there today from Salt Lake City - Catch them at Viva Las Vegas 2004!
    Billy Lee Riley site of this 50's SUN Label Legend
    Johnny Rivers Secret Agent's Man official website and home of his Online fan club
    Road Rockets Rockabilly band out of Indianapolis, Indiana
    Johnny & The Roccos Rockabilly band out of Scotland
    Rockin Bones Band out of Riverdale, Maryland
    The Royal Deuces Berkeley Calif. Rockabilly Band on the Startone Label and featured in Rock-it show #703
    Rusty & The Dragstrip Trio Rockabilly Band out of Perth Australia -- CD's Available and about to be aired on Rock-it
    Salty Dogz Rockabilly and Swing Band from Austria
    Jack Scott RAB artists with hits like "The Way I walk" & "What in the world's come over you"
    The Seductones Popular Rockabilly band from Virginia
    Roman Self Music is featured in Rock-it Radio show #730 -- New CD out -- Tribute to his Father Mr. Frantic -- Ronnie Self.
    Brian Setzer Orchestra Official website of the Brian Setzer Orchestra
    7 Shot Screamers Rockabilly band out of St. Louis, Mo.
    Dawn Shipley & The Sharpshooters Great Southern California Rockabilly Band featured in Rock-it Radio show #1491
    The Silvermen Rockabilly Group out of Kansas City
    The Silvertones Canadian Rockabilly from WIndsor, Ontario
    Six String Law New Rockabilly Band out of Orange County, California
    Skip Rats/a> UK Rockabilly at it's best!
    The Slapbacks Rockabilly Band from Wiens, Austria
    Slap 'N' The Cats Good Roots Style Rockabilly band from Australia
    Ray Smith 50's SUN Label Rockabilly Artist
    The Spootniks Rockabilly Band out of Russia
    The Sprague Brothers Rockabilly Brother Duo featured on Rock-it Radio show #1970.
    Stacy Cats Male Rockabilly band out of the Netherlands
    The Stardevils Rockin' Rockabilly Band from Cincinatti out there today and heard on Rock-it Show #915! And #1291
    The Starliters Band out of Milan, Italy
    Darrin Stout & The Starlighters Great Rockabilly out of Burbank, California
    Taggy Tones Danish Rockabilly band with a new CD just Released
    Tiger Army Probably the Hottest Psychobilly Band out there today.
    Tip Top Trio Myspace website for this Great Retro Rockabilly band from San Francisco and Sacramento Area.
    Pep Torres Rockabillidad out of Hollywood, calif.
    Turbo 350 Memphis Tennessee Rockabilly Band out there today - soon to be aired on Rock-it Radio!
    Bill Turner & Blue Smoke former Lead guitarist of Bill Haley's Comets own band and website
    Ultra Kings Fantastic Rockabilly Band out of Pennsylvania - Featured in Rock-it Radio show #750.
    The Unkool Hillbillies Swedish Rockabilly Act featured in Rock-it Radio show #1491
    Vikki Lee and the Pinecones Sacremento Northern California area Rockabilly band featured in Rock-it Radio show #2156
    Gene Vincent Official Rockabilly Hall of Fame website on Gene Vincent & his bludcaps
    Washboard Wilma and her Unkool Hillbillies totally cool Rockabilly band from Sweden
    Joey Welz website of the Piano player of Bill Haley & The Comets interviewed and played in Rock-it show #684
    wild Cats Rockabilly band out of Estonia
    Danny Wild & The Black Katz Rockabilly Band from the UK and played on Rock-it Radio
    Wild Wax Combo Danish Rockabilly Band featured in Rock-it Radio show #671
    Don Woody 1956 Decca Recording Artist that should of gotten alot more play then he ever did
    If you know of any other Rockabilly Singers or Band Websites not listed here please let us know about it by e mailing us here at Rock-it Radio.
    Also, any bands wishing Airplay as well on Rock-it Radio and her affiliates should e mail below on information where to send there press kits etc.

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    Yahoo! Personals

    Rockabilly Record Labels....

    Cacophone Records Record Label covering the Lustre Kings RAB Band and others on the East Coast
    Dragon Street Records Record Label out of Dallas specializing in unissued Rare Rockabilly Tracks including Gene Vincent! and Live recordings of the Big D Jamboree
    Enviken Records Hot Swedish Record Label recording great Rockabilly Today
    Fury Records Rockabilly Record Label out of the UK
    JCR Records Rockabilly Record Label out of Switzerland - features RAB bands like The Reptiles.
    Mole Hill Music Rockabilly Record label out of Rough and Ready, California
    Nervous Records Record Label of some Great Rockabilly from the UK
    On the Hill Records Rockabilly Record Label from Japan
    Pinewood Records Australian Rockabilly Record Label
    Polly Tone Records Excellent Record Label out of the UK and home of the RAB weekender in the UK
    Rarity Records Rockabilly Record Label out of Haarlem, The Netherlands
    Raucous Records Rockabilly Record Label out of the UK
    Rhytyhm Bomb Records Rockabilly Record Label from Germany featuring a new Release of Randy Rich & The Poorboys
    Star Tone Records Rockabilly Record Label from San Francisco, California featuring bands like The Royal Deuces
    Skully Records Rockabilly and Psychobilly Record Label out of New York City
    Slim Style Records Great New Label out of Tucson, Arizona
    Sunjay Records Rockabilly Label out of Sweden
    Tail Records Another Great Rockabilly Label out of Sweden
    Vinylux Records Rockabilly Record Label from Maryland, USA

    Rockabilly Magazines....

    Atomic Magazine Great Retro Magazine!
    Blue Suede News Magazine dedicated to Roots Rock and Roll
    Custom Built Magazine Rockabilly and more from Finland.
    Dynamite Magazine Andy Widder and his German Rockabilly Magazine
    Grindstone Magazine Great RAB up and coming Magazine
    Phew! Magazine Lots of cool rock'n'roll info.
    Rockabilly Magazine U.S. Modern Day Rockabilly Magazine - with CD Reviews, stories et al!
    Roots 66 Americana Roots Music + More
    Shakin' Fever Rockabilly e-Zine, based in Belgium.
    Southern Rock UK based magazine focusing on Southern Rock
    Stomp The good news it's a Rockabilly magazine -- the bad well unless you speak Finnish you might have some problems understanding
    Stompin News German Magazine dedicated to Rockabilly & Roots Rock (in German)
    UK Rock Magazine Great 50's based UK Magazine
    The Velvet Collar European Teddy Boy Magazine

    'Catch that Rockabilly Fever' New Book out by former Rock-it Radio Rockabilly DJ - Sheree Homer!

    Rockabilly Online Clubs....

  • Come Join the Yahoo Rock-it Radio Rockabilly Club!

  • Yahoo Rockabilly Clubs Listing of all Rockabilly Clubs on Yahoo.
    American Greaser Brand New Message Board website for all the Greasers out there!
    Belgrade's Ball of Fire Slavic and European online Rockabilly club
    Blue Suede Cats and Dungaree Dolls Online Rockabilly Group Hosted on Yahoo!
    Greaser Garage Another Rockabilly Group on Yahoo!
    Greasy 50s Another Rockabilly Group on Yahoo!
    Greasers and Rockabillies United Another Rockabilly Group on Yahoo!
    RAB World Another Rockabilly Group on Yahoo!
    Rockabilly Corner Another Rockabilly Site on Yahoo!
    Wild Rockin' Rhythms Another Rockabilly Site on Yahoo!
    Postabillies Online Rockabilly Group sponsored by E Groups
    Rockabilly E Group Popular Rockabilly Online Group
    RAB Online E Group Sponsored Online Rockabilly Club
    Russian Rebel Russian Rockabilly Online Group
    Austroots Rockabilly and Roots Music Online club from Australia
    Individuals into Rockabilly on Yahoo! Listing of over 6300 people listed in Yahoo that like Rockabilly
    If you know of any other Rockabilly clubs please let us know about it by e mailing us here at Rock-it Radio.

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    European Teddy Boy sites

    Teddy Boys -- The First Teenage History of Teddy Boys in the UK and Europe
    Teddy Boys -- The Velvet Collar and the Iron Fist Cavan's Website on Teddy boys
    1950s Teddy Boys UK website dedicated to the 50s Teddyboys
    The Velvet Collar Teddy Boy Magazine

    Radio Stations etc. playing Rockabilly

    Atomic Magazines Retro Radio List Geographic locator of Retro Radio Stations in your area.
    Listing of Radio Stations that Broadcast Rockabilly Here is a great listing of stations that Broadcast Rockabilly
    Rock-it 99.1 FM - Ventura, California Rock-it's FM Station playing Rockabilly and Doo Wop 24/7
    Heebie Jeebies Show on Stadsradio - Netherlands Dutch Radio Show with some pretty great Rockers.
    MP3 Rockabilly Rockabilly site using MP3 Format
    Rock-it Radio Honored by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame - First Internet Station with a Rockabilly Format
    Rockabilly Radio Online Rockabilly Music

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