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    Bringing Pop Music to a Nation -- A Tribute to Offshore Pirate Broadcasting in the UK
    By: Bennie Dingo -- Rock-it Radio. - Radio Revolution

    It is a somewhat romantic idea to some radiobuffs out there to be in International waters and playing the music you want to play the music you love just off the coast in international waters a ship that has been transformed literally into a floating studio and radio station. But this romantic notion served more then just that idea. It literally brought Pop Music over the airwaves at the time to much of Western Europe. People in Great Britian in the early 60's couldn't hear much pop music over the National radio outlet of the BBC. Only one hour a week was dedicated to the Pop music scene at the time. Many listener's in Great Britain to get there fix of the latest releases in Pop Music had to tune in the AM and Longwave bands to try to pick up Radio Luxembourg a station almost dedicated entirely to Pop Music in the 1960's. But due to the distance the signal was almost always not the best for music reception. In the early 60's Commercial radio was also non existant in Great Britain. Offshore radio to survive would also have to go commercial as well, and they did. Great Britain in the mid 60's had several offshore stations operating ... the two most notable probably being Radio Caroline and Radio London -- 'The Big L'.

    It wasn't just the United Kingdom that was getting into Pirate Offshore Broadcasting. Matter of fact Radio Veronica an offshore pirate radio ship started as early as 1960 off the coast of the Netherlands. And had a listening audience that covered not only The Netherlands but also Belgium and Great Britain on the other side of the channel. Ireland, Scotland, Denmark and many other nations have had there offshore pirate stations as well, each with just as much of a colorful history of broadcasting.

    Due to be released Worldwide in April 2009 -- The Movie -- 'The Boat that Rocked' is loosely based on the famed Radio Caroline off the coast of the UK. Here is a trailer of that show.

    The U.S. release of this movie has now been renamed as 'Pirate Radio' and is due to be released on 13 November, 2009. Keep an eye out for it! And now here is the real story based on this movie movie below.

    The Radio Caroline Story

    The founder of Radio Caroline was launched by a musical entrepreneuer by the name of Ronan O'Rahilly. His father was a well to do Irish Businessman. O'Rahilly began his musical career managing the Rolling Stones in the early 60's. After managing the Stones - O'Rahilly began his own recording label - to promote his newest client -- Georgie Fame.
    O'Rahilly quickly found that the BBC would not play his label, they only played those of 'established' stars. This begged the question -- how does a new talent become established? So, he next went to Radio Luxembourg, the big Rock Station which broadcasted pop music across much of Europe. He was shocked to discover that almost all of Luxembourg's airtime was already leased by the bigger record labels and the smaller independent labels did not have a chance at airplay over Radio Luxembourg.
    He fixed the solution by that if no station would play his records, he would start his own station! The idea of offshore radio was not entirely new, and O'Rahilly's own grandfather had been involved in propaganda radio broadcasts during the Easter Rising in 1916, but Ronan took these ideas and modernized in a new format for radio. He greatly admired the U.S. President at the time -- John F. Kennedy, and he named his new radio station -- Radio Caroline - named after President Kennedy's daughter.
    O'Rahilly bought the MV Frederica in Rotterdam, Netherlands for cash and took her to the Irish port of Greenore (which was owned by his father) to be fitted out as a radio ship. Along side her lay the MV Mi Amigo, also being fitted out as a rival project (Radio Atlanta), which would ultimately become Radio Caroline South.

    MV Frederica waited to be refitted as a Radio Ship.

    The vessel MV Frederica was a 760 ton passenger ferry built in 1930 by the Frederikshavn shipyard in Denmark. As a Baltic Sea Ferry she was very tough and built to withstand the ice of a Scandanavian winter. This made her a relatively stable and comfortable ship from which to work. After purchase by O'Rahilly she was renamed MV Caroline and registered in Panama. A 165 foot mast was attached to her deck and the hold was filled with 30 tons of concrete ballast. Two 10,000 watt transmitters were fitted under the supervision of Arthur Carrington, the British radio expert.
    Radio Caroline DJ Martin Kayne remembers: In the record library was a cage that contained the RF Combiner that allowed both of the 10KW transmitters to be run together to hopefully produce 20,000 watts of power. The transmitter room was on deck level, more or less belowthe studio where the two Continental Electronics transmitters stood side by side along with an audio compressor/limiter. The transmitters each contained a series of safety features which would cause them to shut down in the event of a problem. In very rough weather it was not uncommon for them to switch off, seldom both together, but the engineer would have to be on hand to push the reset button. I am not sure if this was due to the transmitters being tilted and tossed around or the effects of the waves breaking over the aerialupsetting the antenna tuning. The antenna was a folded dipole with a multiple wire forming onelge and the steel mast as the other. The loading coils were in a purpose built cupboard in the ships lounge with heavy duty coaxial cable leading to the transmitters.' Radio Caroline after being fitted and set sail and on Easter Morning of 1964 began playing Pop and Rock music to the British Populace, off the Essex Coast. Shortly afterwards it's rival aboard the MV Mi Amigo arrived off the coast as well and Radio Atlanta arrived. The two ships finally merged business wise and became Radio Caroline North and Radio Caroline South. It was then decided that the more rugged vessel the MV Caroline (formerly MV Frederica) would travel north up through the Irish Sea to take position off the Isle of Man, broadcasting as she travelled. She arrived off Ramsey on Tynwald Day 1964. Radio Atlanta was short lived as a independent broadcaster and Rock-it Radio does offer one of their recordings on CD in the listing below.

    'Scoop of a Lifetime' -- Young Reporter gets an exciting news story (from Pirates of the Irish Sea) -- In 1964 Colin Brown was a 17 year old junior reporter on the Ramsey Courier newspaper. He remembers: 'We heard that the advertising manager George Hare was coming over - And we heard from a local taxi firm that they were going to the airport to pick him up, and I caught a lift. on the way back I interviewed him on his plans for Radio Caroline. Right afterwards he received a interview with Ronan O' Rahilly who was at the same time meeting with some of his colleagues at the Mitre Hotel in Ramsey. I wandered down and asked would he be prepared to talk to the press? O'Rahilly was very friendly, very helpful and told me everything that I wanted to know. It was then arraged that I should go on board Caroline. Colin Brown reminisces that 'When the tender ship got to a certain height level with Caroline you had to jump, literally! One of the first people I met aboard was Tom Lodge, the programme director. I asked if he was ever sea sick? He said NOT! He asked us what record we wanted him to play for us - I just said oh play the next record on the turntable - and I remember it was the Animals 'House of the Rising Sun'.

    Tom Lodge was the Program Director for Radio Caroline along with being a fantastic DJ


    Soon O'Rahilly was sitting on top of the pop radio empire. The MV Caroline had been fitted out for Caroline North. And with the sister ship off the Coast of Essex for Radio Caroline South. Radio Caroline had a combined weekly audience in the region of 22 Million Listeners!
    Daily listening to Radio Caroline brought a musical kaleidoscope dizzying in its bredth and depth to listeners starved from Pop music and brought for the musical sounds of: The Beatles; Bob Dylan; The Rolling Stones; The Dave Clark Five; The Hollies; The Who; The Beach Boys; Otis Redding; The Four Tops; The Kinks; The Byrds; Gerry and the Pacemakers; The Supremes; Elvis Presley; The Searchers; Donovan; Manfred Mann and Herman's Hermits and hundreds more pour out of Radio Caroline's powerful transmitter to pop culture hungry teenagers.

    Radio Caroline Staff - Sort thru 100's of Requests and Fanmail.


    Those living and working aboard the ship fell into three groups: The presenters; the radio engineers, and the ship's crew. Normal routine for the DJ's was to work for two weeks and then to have a week's shore leave. The shore leave was often hectic as the DJ's did stints in dance clubs and halls. The ship was at the mercy of whatever weather the Irish Sea chose to throw at it. Radio Caroline DJ Tony Prince told fans: "I suppose I was very lucky as I was rarely sea sick (sick of the sea yes! but sea-sick , No!) but some of the lads had a rough time, and sometimes they were so ill that they couldn't leave their cabins to do their shows. The studio on our ship was built right in the middle, and way up on the top deck, so when you did a show in a storm it wouldn't be at all unusual for the records to come piling down on top of you, or for the stylus to lift off the record as the ship suddenly lurched to an angle that seemed to be all of 45 degrees.'
    The MV Caroline had a mainly Dutch crew who prepared a motley selection of Indonesian dishes, something which did little to sooth those suffering from a bout of Sea Sickness! However, unlike other offshore stations, on Radio Caroline North crew and DJ's mixed and messed together, creating a happy atmosphere.
    Radio Caroline staff Martin Kayne remembers: "The DJs had excellent living quarters with a wash basin and electric heater in each cabin. Portholes with curtains and a wide staircase similar to that of a hotel leading to the main lounge and dining room."

    The Dining Room aboard Radio Caroline.

    Texan Radio Caroline DJ Jim Murphy 'Murph the Surf' - doing his Radio Caroline Show. Later Murphy would leave Caroline and did a tour of duty in Vietnam.

    Radio Caroline DJ's taking a break in the TV - Lounge Quarters.

    Not all Radio Caroline DJ's were aboard ship -- Jack Spector (above) was a big name DJ on New York station WMCA. As a former Brooklyn Dodger player, he had a massive following. In 1965 he began hosting a taped daily show, recorded in New York. It was the nearest thing that British Radio Listeners could be hearing the true American Top 40 Radio. Compared to UK Radio, it was wild! Jack would yell, ring bells, throw in sound effects and every word was drenched in echo. He called himself 'your main man, jake, your leader, your boss with all the hot sauce."


    In 1967 London the Labour government of Harold Wilson was oposed to pirate radio stations from the outset. The Labour Government stated that they were in contravention of international agreements, interfered with foreign radio transmissions by using their frequenies, and presented a hazard to shipping. However, there was a strong suspicion on the offshore radio listener's that this attitude was derived from snobbery because pirates played pop music. And there may very well of been an element of old style socialist reluctance to relinquish state control over mass communication. Television was still in it's infancy and was not taken particularly seriously by many politicians. Radio, however, had been a very powerful instrument of propaganda during the second world war and was still widely regarded as such.
    Postmaster General Tony Benn announced the British government's intention to introduce legislation to close down Radio Caroline, in spite of the fact that this had not been in Labour's election manifesto and that the Isle of Man government opposed to it. The British government insisted that the Isle of Man had no choice but to accept the legislation.
    The Marine Offences Bill became law in 1967. An emergency delegation from the Isle of Man, led by Speaker of the House of Keys Charles Kurrish, travelled to London that summer to put forward the case that the Island was exempt from the legislation, but they were unsuccessful. It was applied to the Isle of Man directly by an order in Council. The Manx Parliament of the Isle of Man (Tynewald) originally refused to ratify the Act, which made it illegal for anyone to supply the pirate radio ships and that it was a domestic matter and the island should not be dictated to by Britain. The strength of feeling was such that the House of Keys even briefly considered an approach to the United Nations over the issue. The exact nature of the constitutional relationship between the British Government and the government of the Isle of Man is kept deliberately vague, for the convenience of both parties. However, this crisis was one of those rare instances which sharply define that relationship, and the British Parliament took precedent and ruled the decision.

    Young Radio Caroline protestors rally in Isle of Man.

    Isle of Man protestors demonstrate the coffin of Isle of Man (Manx) Freedom over Radio Caroline anti offshore broadcasting legislation.


    After the passing of the Marine Offences Act in Parliament most of the British born DJ's left Radio Caroline. The Risk of prosecution was too great for them to continue. This act however, did not apply to the non-British radio personalities, most of whom carried on into 1968. They were joined by new hands, who were willing to risk the wrath of the law. One of these was Jason Wolfe, who was thought to be a South African but was actually born Chris Bowskill in Cheshire.

    Jason Wolfe with a Radio Caroline Card - reading -- Fight for Free Radio!
    Like many of the post 1967 DJ's he kept the details of who he really was sketchy to avoid prosecution. Jumbo Jim Gordon was an Australian and joined the station from Radio 390, whilst Mark Sloane joined from Radio 355.

    Jumbo Jim Gordon at the Mic. on his show on Radio Caroline.

    Since the Act became law it was now technically illegal to supply the ship from the Isle of Man, and tender journeys now had to take an arduous journey to Ireland, making joining and leaving the ship all the more difficult.
    Radio Caroline land headquarters had now relocated to Amsterdam and fan mail took about six weeks to arrive. Listener's also detected a lowering of morale among the DJs. Political and legal pressure was mounting on Caroline and her crew. Radio Caroline DJ Mark Sloane was on shore leave in a pub in Bristol in 1968 when he was approached by a man in a dark suit who told him not to rejoin the ship ever again. He believed he had been warned off by MI5.
    But the end of Caroline was because of unpaid bills and NOT Government legislation remembers Don Allen. "It happened on a Saturday evening. We went off the air at ten o'clock and we watched a bit of television -- and about two o'clock Sunday morning, we were all set to go to bed when we heard this 'thump' on the side of of the ship. We all thought what could that be? Men from a tug had come across and had taken over the ship. They had pirated it. They said they had their orders to cut the anchor chain and late Sunday afternoon we were towed away.

    Picture from the air of a Dutch Tugboat hired by Creditors towing the Radio Ship MV Caroline back to Dutch Waters.

    A rusting MV Caroline sits in port until scraped in 1980.


    Radio Caroline was a watershed in British Broadcasting history. Today it is difficult to imagine a time when radio was closely restricted by Government, and pop music was effectively 'rationed'. In 1980 MV Caroline was finally broken up and scraped. But Radio Caroline had already broken the mold of broadcasting in Britain, and set the precedent for modern commercial radio. The Explosion of pirate radio sent listener figures soaring and sales of radio sets quadrupled overnight.
    Radio Caroline DJ's provided the blue prints for amny of today radio presenters -- Jerry Leighton's off the wall humor was echoed by Kenny Everett who in turn gave rise to the likes of Steve Wright with his cast of characters and the 'shock jocks' of today. The DJ 'hand-over' was born as one jock passed the baton to the next with a schmaltzy greeting. The lavish competitions have remained the bedrock of popular radio, whilst charity appeals, mid Atlantic accents and the publicity stunts had been copied many times over. Radio Caroline brought to the mainstream cultural influences which had prevously been undercurrents in British Society. Radio Caroline was influential in the Northern Soul scene - the station played a lot of Rhythm and Blues and Soul Music, at a time when the BBC did not play black music.
    The British Government seeing the unpopular pressure they had put on Offshore Broadcasting quickly put a replacement for the pirates -- BBC Radio 1 and was launched the same year as the Marine Offences Act became law. And it was based firmly on the programme format created by the Pirates. It even employed mostly ex-pirate DJ's and used the same jingles.
    In spite of the growth of Television, popular radio today is stronger probably than at any other time in its history, and that this is in no small part due to the impact of Radio Caroline North --- 3 miles off Ramsey -- in the wonderful Isle of Man.
    Bennie Dingo's Rock-it Radio and it's staff salute the Spirit and Legacy of Radio Caroline and it's history making endeavors -- and would like to give thanks to the Manx National Heritage for their assistance in the making of this article. Rock-it Radio has over the year's collected and remastered several of the original DJ's of Radio Caroline and offer the following broadcasts below.

    Offshore Pirate Radio Broadcasts available from Rock-it Radio.

    Note: Just click to the title to get a complete description of the broadcast and playlist.

    1960's Pirate and Offshore Radio Broadcasts
    Each show is just $9.50 each with a flat rate shipping Charge worldwide for $1.50. Each broadcast has been digitally remastered onto CD. Orders are shipped within 24 hours of receiving payment.
    To look at the full playlist of each show - Just click to the show on the left hand side.

    Tribute to Radio Nord
    One of the first offshore pirates
    Top 30 from 27 June, 1962
    Rock-it Radio's Cruisin' Show hosted by Johnny G plays tribute and the Top 30 of this Swedish Pirate that was closed down just days before this top 30 survey. The ship itself the MV Bonjour would later gain greater fame by becoming the Mi Amigo and the Radio Caroline Radio Ship.

    Simon Dee
    Radio Caroline
    April 24, 1964
    Our Earliest knows Radio Caroline Show - Which began broadcasting on Easter 1964 - Straight forward delivery - No Advertisers yet - Just music and announcements.

    Radio Caroline
    Offshore UK Pirate Station
    Early broadcasts from April 1964
    3 Separate shows from very Early Radio Caroline (April 1964) UK Pirate Station totalling over 60 minutes of programming.

    Radio Atlanta
    Offshore Pirate Station - Essex, UK
    May 1964
    Before joining Radio Caroline -- Radio Atlanta broadcasted to the British Coast off the Coast of Essex. 60 Min. of Pop Radio via Pirate Radio in this broadcast.

    Kenny & Cash Dance Party
    Big L - Radio London
    9 February, 1965
    The Comedy of these 2 British DJ's along with the great songs featured make this a very FUN Show to own!

    Offshore UK Pirate
    Radio Caroline South
    25 March, 1965
    Tom Lodge
    A must have for any Beatles fans! Tom Lodge interviews The Beatles aboard the Pirate Radio Ship Radio Caroline! Great very rare broadcast! You also get 2 other Beatles interviews in the U.S. on this CD.

    Keith Skues
    Radio Caroline South
    May 1965
    3 Radio Caroline Broadcasts on one CD - The other 2 include a nice special on Nat King Cole with Ted Francis as DJ from 12/12/1965 and Tony Blackburn from November 1966 all are approx. 25 min. in length.

    Tom Lodge - Radio Caroline North
    12 July, 1965
    Tom Lodge – Liverpool but at a young age came to the U.S. – Worked briefly in Canada for CBC Radio and then in 1964 – Joined the ranks of offshore Radio DJ’s for the Famous Radio Caroline.

    Jim Murphy
    Radio Caroline North
    12 July, 1965
    Summer of 1965 and an early Offshore UK Pirate Show with Murf the Surf - Transplanted Texas DJ now aboard the Radio Ship and sending Rock and Roll to the UK!

    Jim Murphy – Radio Caroline North – Midnight Surf Party #1
    July 26, 1965
    Jim Murphy “Murf the Surf” was aboard the famous Offshore Broadcast Ship Radio Caroline from 1965 and 1966. Originally from Texas came aboard Caroline with a truly great show. Click title for more details.

    Jim Murphy – Radio Caroline North – Midnight Surf Party #2
    July 26, 1965
    The Second hour of Jim Murphy “Murf the Surf” aboard the famous Offshore Broadcast Ship Radio Caroline. Click title for playlist and information on DJ.

    Paul Kaye
    Offshore Station - Big L - Radio London
    21 August, 1965
    Nice Early Broadcast of Radio London with great music and ads and ID's Unedited nearly 70 minutes worth!

    Earl Richmond
    Offshore Station - Big L - Radio London
    21 August, 1965
    Another Early Broadcast of Radio London with great music and ads and ID's Unedited nearly 70 minutes worth!

    Jerry Leighton
    Offshore Pirate Station - Radio Caroline
    26 August, 1965
    Great Mid 60's Tunes including the Beatles, Dave Clarke Five and more broadcasting from the famous Pirate Ship - Radio Caroline!

    Dave Cash
    Radio London (The Big L)
    23 February, 1966
    3 Actual broadcasts of Radio London & Radio Caroline South - with the other 2 broadcasts are also from 1966 and Tony Blackburn and Rick Dane at Radio Caroline South - Click the title of this show for full description.

    Tom Lodge
    Radio Caroline
    25 March, 1966
    3 actual rare Beatles interviews - Track #1 is 52 with Tom Lodge aboard Radio Caroline - The other 2 shorter tracks are with Murray the K in New York City.

    Bob Stewart
    Radio Caroline North
    31 March, 1966
    Offshore UK Pirate Station with Top UK Tunes - And a special interview with The Beatles aboard Radio Caroline.

    Jack Spector
    Radio Caroline
    20 May, 1966
    High Energy Radio Caroline DJ with great U.S. hits in this 56 minute power buster Pirate Radio broadcast from '66.

    Mick Luvzit & Emperor Rosko
    Radio Caroline
    2 June, 1966
    August 1966
    2 Actual broadcasts of Radio Caroline - with Mick Luvzit on Track #1 aboard Radio Caroline North from 2 June, 1966 & Emperor Rosko from August 1966.

    Larry Dean
    'Swinging' Radio England (Pirate)
    6 June, 1966
    Georgia native DJ - Turns pirate off the coast of the UK with his Rock Radio show on this new Pirate Station off the coast of Essex, UK

    Jack Spector
    Radio Caroline North
    10 June, 1966
    Jack 'Jake' Spector was a U.S. Jock that played the top American Hits for the Radio Caroline Audience exposing them to the latest in the U.S. Music Scene.

    Emperor Rosko
    Radio Caroline South
    22 July, 1966
    The Unmistakable Emperor with great tunes from 1966 aboard the Pirate Radio Ship Radio Caroline

    Gary Stevens
    Swinging Radio England - UK Pirate
    August 6, 1966
    U.S. DJ Gary Stevens heads towards the UK to do a little Pirate Offshore Broadcasting!

    Boom Boom Branigan
    UK Offshore Pirate Station - Swinging Radio England
    1 September, 1966
    Another Great Pirate Radio Broadcast off the Coast of England from the Mid 60's.

    Kevin Hampton & Tommy Vance
    Radio Caroline South
    12 December, 1966 & 25 May, 1967
    Two Separate Radio Caroline South broadcasts from a couple of their top DJ's - Great Flashback to Offshore Radio in '66 and '67.

    Johnnie Walker
    Radio Caroline South
    15 December, 1966
    Johnny Walker and the Evening show of Radio Caroline with a great mix of Mid 60’s U.S. and UK Rock and Roll Tunes.

    Jack 'Jake' Spector
    Offshore Pirate Station - Radio Caroline
    January 1967
    More Great Music from the Jake Spector show aboard the Pirate Radio Ship Radio Caroline.

    Emperor Rosko
    Radio Caroline South
    16 January, 1967
    The ever popular Emperor Rosko aboard Radio Caroline South off the coast of Essex UK playing great music from 1967! 79 minutes of programming on this CD!

    Mike Ahern
    Radio Caroline South (UK Pirate)
    27 February, 1967
    Serving the Southern Portion of the UK with Radio Caroline South - Great British Pop & Rock that only Radio Caroline could do right! And this show featuring the Caroline Casino Listener's Game!

    Johnnie Walker
    Radio Caroline South (UK Pirate)
    14 April, 1967
    More Great British Pop Songs & U.S. Hits from 1967 over the most famous Pirate Radio Stations of all time!

    Mike Ahern
    Radio Caroline South (UK Pirate)
    14 April, 1967
    Serving the Southern Portion of the UK with Radio Caroline South - Great British Pop & Rock that only Radio Caroline could do right!

    Mike Ahern
    Radio Caroline - South
    14 April, 1967 (Part II)
    Full Hour of Part II of this broadcast of Radio Caroline - The Famous UK Offshore station as depicted in the movie - The Boat that rocked

    Jerry King
    Radio Caroline North
    14 August, 1967
    Last show of Jerry King before the Marine Offences Act takes hold of Radio Caroline - Fond Farewells and Memories are shared along with Great Music from 1967.

    Dave Lee Travis "DLT'
    Radio Caroline South
    30 April, 1967
    Pop, Rock and Rare Uncharted Songs over this Offshore Pirate Radio Station and Popular DJ show

    Robbie Dale
    Radio Caroline
    May, 1967
    2 Actual broadcasts of Radio Caroline - with Track #2 showing what happens when 3 Radio Caroline DJ's try to do a show together.

    John Peel
    Radio London
    16 July, 1967
    The famous Offshore DJ - John Peel on the Big L with Psychadellic and Pop music from the U.S. and the UK!

    DJ John Peel on Wonderful Radio London – Perfumed Garden Music Show
    August 1967
    John Peel is probably the most famous of UK DJ’s. If you are a fan of Psychadelic 60’s Music – This is off his last show on Pirate Station Radio London before going to BBC One.

    Robbie Dale
    Radio Caroline
    August, 1967
    75 Plus Minutes of the famous UK Pirate Radio Caroline with Pop Music backed by DJ Johnnie Walker.

    Ed Stewart
    Big L - Radio London
    10 August, 1967
    Ed Stewart aboard the Offshore station Radio London with Pop Music, news and classic UK Commercials.

    Chuck Blair
    Big L - Radio London
    11 August, 1967
    Chuck Blair aboard the Offshore station Radio London with Pop Music, news and classic UK Commercials over 75 minutes long.

    Dave Lee Travis
    14 August, 1967
    The final hour broadcast of this famous Offshore Pirate UK station with acknowledgements, music and more.

    Dave Lee Travis & Dee Harrison
    Radio Caroline North
    14 August 1967
    Part II of the last broadcast of Dave Lee Travis on Radio Caroline North and start of the Dee Harrison show

    14 August, 1967
    The final hour broadcast from Pirate Radio Station Radio London - Pop Music from 1967 and many sentimental farewells

    Johnny Walker
    Radio Caroline
    28 August, 1967
    3 September, 1967
    2 Actual broadcasts of Radio Caroline - with Johnny Walker as DJ with 78 minutes total of great Brit. and U.S. Pop Heads from the famous offshore Pirate Station - Radio Caroline

    Andy Archer
    Radio North Sea International
    28 February, 1970
    World Famous Dutch Pirate Radio Station - With there english broadcast and great Rock Music

    Wonderful Radio London - The Big L Story Fascinating Story of Offshore Pirate Radio Station Wonderful Radio London including many airchecks from their beginnings in 1964 on.

    'Daddy' Don Allen
    Radio North Sea International
    30 August, 1974
    Pop Music, ads and sadly the day before the last broadcast of Radio North Sea International and last regularly scheduled broadcast of this Pirate Station off the Coast of the Netherlands. Broadcast is in English.

    Robin Banks
    Radio North Sea International
    30 August, 1974
    Final day and English broadcast of Radio North Sea International - Great Music and programming of this famous Pirate Station - this broadcast followed the Daffy Don Allen - Studio quality recording!

    Alan "Fluff" Freeman
    Ship to Shore - Story of Pirate Radio in the UK
    One Hour interview on the history of Pirate Radio in the UK -- Includes music of the early years. Story of Radio Caroline, Swinging Radio England and Radio London and much more! Truly a fantastic show for any Pirate Radio Buff.

    Pirate Radio Station - Radio North Sea International -- circa 1972 4 miles off the Dutch Coast.

    If you would like to learn more about collecting Airchecks (vintage broadcast recordings) CLICK HERE

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