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Enclosed please find some recent pictures of the Rock-it Radio DJ's and HAPPENINGS --

May 2012 - Anyone from any age can be wearing a Rock-it Radio - T Shirt - here is Rock-it Radio promoter
Princess Cruz family wearing all 3 of our new T shirts here on Rock-it Radio.
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Rock-it Radio's Australian DJ - Trevor Hyland (in red shirt) does a great commercial for Craft Alive as The Crafty Farmer!

March 2012 -- Jammin' Jan designs a new sign to be placed at Studio A of Rock-it Radio.

Rock-it Radio T Shirt design by Cole Johnson and colorized by Jammin' Jan to be released in the Rock-it Radio Launching Pad Store in May 2012.
The Finished Product thanks to Jammin' Jan --

Lane Quigley with Smokey Robinson back in July 14, 2010.

Lane Quigley with daughter while in London along with our UK DJ's Johnny G and Jackie Bond walk across the Beatles Made Famous 'Abbey Road'. Note: Lane's daughter is in traditional barefeet.

While Across the other side of the World - Australian Rockabilly Rock-it Radio DJ Trevor Hyland promotes Rock-it Radio at a local Car Show down in Victoria, Australia.

The Day after the Rock-it Radio 10th Anniversary Weekend on June 30, 2008 -- Rock-it Radio DJ's take a trip up to Lompoc, California to visit Butchie of Butchie Boy's Doo Wop Diner. In front is Butchie Olmstead and then in back from Left to Right Johnny G, Lane Quigley and Leslie Stevens and yes that's Butchie's '51 Merc!

On the Weekend of June 28th to June 30th, 2008 - Rock-it Radio DJ's came from all over to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Independent Broadcasting of Rock-it Radio. Along with notable oldies legends and supporters of Rock-it Radio. Below are some pictures of that event.

Bennie Dingo and Wife Jammin' Jan posing at the Quigley's.

Music Legend Billy Vera (Left) Jokes with Rock-it Radio Jocks Steve Propes, Lane Quigley, Bennie Dingo and Brian Lee.

Nino Tempo and Barbara Thaxton catch up with latest news with each other.

Wanda Watson of the Doo Wop Cafe along with Dee Dee Phelps of Dick and Dee Dee Fame.

(Left to Right) Billy Vera, Freddie 'Boom Boom' Cannon, Dee Dee Phelps and Michael Dunn graced our presence for the Rock-it Radio Celebration.

The Logo might look a little funky but hey it was free hand and it was pretty tasty too!

(left to right) Billy Vera, Steve Propes, Bill Green, Bennie Dingo (staying cool in the shade), Johnny G, Leslie Stevens (in front), Lane Quigley & Clarke Davis and behind Johnny G's head I believe that's Brian Lee :)

The Entire Group for the Celebration.
(Left to right) Trisha & Bill Green, Freddy 'Boom Boom' Cannon, Nino Tempo, L.A. Radio Legend Johnny Hayes, Celebrated TV Host Lloyd Thaxton, Lane Quigley, Barbara Thaxton, Billy Vera, Brian Lee, unknown, Johnny G, Jammin' Jan, Steve Propes, Bennie Dingo, Pat Quigley, Radio Producer Dan Tytell, Clarke Davis, Dee Dee Phelps (of Dick & Dee Dee), Freddy Cannon's wife Jeanette, Michael Dunn (of Dick & Dee Dee); Kane Phelps (Dee Dee's Husband)

Brian Lee's turn at the Microphone on June 30, 2008 - Recording Rock-it Radio Show #2617 The 10th Anniversary Special Broadcast featuring all the Rock-it Radio Jocks.

Johnny G's Turn at the Mic. who came all the way out from the UK!

In Mid February 2008 -- Rock-it Radio DJ's Lane Quigley and Rick Ward represented Rock-it Radio on the Norwegian Star Oldies Cruise. A great time was had by that event and here are some pictures of that event.

60's Recording Great Jimmie Rodgers with Rock-it Radio DJ -- Rick Ward.

Freddie 'Boom Boom' Cannon with Rock-it Radio DJ -- Lane Quigley

Carl Dobkins Jr. with Rick Ward the Adonis of Internet Radio!

Judy 'The Beauty' Ricci (Rick Ward's wife and co host on his Rock-it Radio shows) performs on stage during the oldies concert.

Carl Dobkins Jr. - Performing on stage during the Norwegian Star cruise Oldies Concert

Freddy Cannon rocking the crowd

Jimmie Rodgers performing during rehearsal

Jimmie and Mary Rodgers on the dance floor.

Pictures from the 2nd Annual Cool Bobby B Doo Wop Convention
Las Vegas, Nevada -- November 16th and 17th, 2007

Bennie Dingo and Jammin' Jan in front of the Rock-it Radio Table.

Lane Quigley, Bennie Dingo and Ted Quillin right before the Finale Concert

Cool Bobby B - Lewis Lymon and Lane Quigley after the Lewis Lymon interview for Rock-it Radio.

Dee Dee Phelps (Of Dick and Dee Dee) is kind enough to even pose with Bennie Dingo

The Doo Wop Daddies playing during the First Day events for everyone!

Jammin' Jan setting up the Rock-it Radio table during the Doo Wop Convention.

Jammin' Jan and Bennie Dingo in front of the stage of the Doo Wop Convention.

Lane Quigley with Jammin' Jan tearing up the Dance Floor during the Meet and Greet of the Doo Wop Convention.

September 29, 2007
Jammin' Jan of Rock-it Radio who normally runs the Rock-it Store prepares flight training to be able to give traffic reports for the greater Santa Paula and Fillmore, California area.
"Roger that Bennie -- South Mountain Road is all the way clear to Bardsdale"

Jammin' Jan next to one of her favorite 50's cars -- A 1957 Dodge.

Above is a picture of Lane Quigley of Rock-it Radio's Memory Lane Show with Original Olympics lead singer Walter Ward taken during a Rock-it Radio interview in December 2005. Sadly, Walter passed away in December 2006.

Horsing Around on Christmas! Don't think Rock-it Radio DJ Pete Chaston doesn't know how to spend his Christmas. Here he is Christmas 2006 on the beaches of Jamaica on a runaway Jamaican Steed!

Butchie Boy Olmstead of Rock-it Radio's Butchie boys Doo Wop Diner show will be hitting the Car Shows with Lil Sugar his Mercury Hot Rod including the July 8th, 2006 event in Lompoc, California.

On July 2nd, 2006 -- Pat and Lane Quigley (of the Rock-it Radio Memory Lane show) hosted the 2nd Annual Rock-it Radio Bar B Q. Several attended including Rock-it Radio DJ's -- Lane Quigley, Bennie Dingo, Bill Green and Steve Propes. And Special VIP Guests as well. Below are some pictures of that event.

Pictured here grouping around Lloyd Thaxton -- Having there finger puppets ready!
From Left to Right: Paul Politi, Steve Propes, Bennie Dingo (back), Dan Tytell, Don Barrett, Jim Dawson, Lloyd Thaxton, Lane Quigley and Dan Gruet.

Dinner Time with Bill and Trisha Green along with Steve Propes (standing) and Bennie Dingo and Jammin' Jan.

Bennie Dingo with Paul and Bonnie Politi.

Don Barrett of LA talks over the future of Internet Radio with Bennie Dingo.

One Rowdy Bunch!

Lloyd Thaxton of the 60's Show -- The Lloyd Thaxton show with Don Barrett of L.A. Radio.

Rock-it Radio DJ Bill Green with Oldies Music Historian and Author Jim Dawson.

Dee Dee Phelps of the 60s Musical Duo of Dick and Dee Dee with The Simpsons and MASH Screenwriter Ken Levine.

Jim Dawson with Ken and Debbie Levine and Lloyd Thaxton.

Barbara Thaxton, Shiloh, Don Barrett and Lane Quigley.

On July 3, 2004 The First Annual Rock-it Radio BBQ was held commemorating the First Rock-it Radio get together of the DJ's -- Hosted once again at the most hospitable home in the West -- The Quigley's! And all the way from Dover, New Jersey -- Rock-it Radio DJ -- Clarke Davis of the Big Show came out to help celebrate Rock-it Radio's 1000 Broadcast at the time. Here are some pictures below....

Bill Green, Lane Quigley, Clarke Davis and Bennie Dingo.

Bennie awards Lane with a commemorative plaque in congradulations and Thanks for Producing the 1000th Show of Rock-it Radio... a 3 1/2 hour special that is available still in the Rock-it Radio Store today :)

Jammin' Jan gives Bill Green a Certificate of Appreciation for his hard work along with Lane in the Annual East Coast vs. West Coast Oldies Shows on Rock-it Radio.

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