Is there a particular Rock-it Radio Program that you would like to have on Compact Disk?
All Compact Discs are studio recordings free of static and mastered onto CD here at the studios on Rock-it Radio.
All proceeds received in the purchase of these shows helps us stay on the air here at Rock-it Radio.
Cost: The Cost of each show is $9.50 U.S. per show. Plus a flat rate of $1.50 shipping and handling per order. (i.e. if you order one or several shows the shipping rate is the same -- $1.50 U.S.)
Time to process your order: All shipments are done usually within 24 hours of when Payment is received.

How to Order:

Domestic orders within the United States -- We have 2 basic ways of receiving orders for Rock-it Radio shows. One of course is thru Mail, where you can send either a check or money order made out to Rock-it Radio (U.S. Citizens only as we are unable to cash foreign checks).
NOTE: Overseas orders outside the U.S. please e mail us at: rockitradio@netzero.net for us to send you a non obligatory invoice.

Our mailing address is:
Rock-it Radio
3206 South Stateline Road
Post Falls, Idaho USA 83854

Note: Please include the Rock-it Radio show number you would like along with payment.
Along with payment please submit of course the address where you would like to receive your shows and the Rock-it Radio Show number(s) you would like to have.

Foreign Orders outside of the United States -- Due to the high cost of cashing foreign checks the only way to really order Rock-it Radio programs is thru Paypal. If you are not a member of Paypal we have placed a link below on how to become a member. All orders outside the United States are shipped via Airmail and pay the same shipping cost of $2.00 shipping flat rate per order and $9.50 for each Rock-it Radio show.

Both U.S. and orders from outside the United States can order thru Paypal. If you have a Paypal account simply e mail us at the link below and we will send you a Paypal invoice of the shows you would like to have. This is actually the quickest way to receive your Rock-it Radio programs as payment received is almost immediate. And we ship within 24 hours of receiving payment.

(2nd Way of ordering shows ---> )If you would like us to send you a invoice (non obligatory) of the shows you want -- or have any questions on ordering Rock-it Radio shows. Simply e mail us by clicking below, and let us know the Rock-it Radio show #'s you would like to have. We will reply to you with a non obligatory invoice and payment information.
Click here to send Rock-it Radio an e mail.
Once you receive your invoice which is good for payments worldwide via VISA or Master Card and our shows are 100% Money Back Guaranteed. If not completely satisfied we will gladly replace, or refund, buyers choice. We usually send the invoice out within 24 hours of receiving the request for show(s).

To help you know more of the show you are buying you can view the playlist of the Rock-it Radio shows you may wish to have. We have just added a link to our blog that lists our old newsletters and playlists below. This way it can help you search and find the Rock-it Radio show # you may wish to have.
Click here to view the Rock-it Radio Blog that lists the playlists of the Rock-it Radio Shows from archived newsletters.

NEW!!!!! Rock-it Radio shows are now available on Flashdrive in MP3 Format. In 50 Show increments at a significant Savings.
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Any further questions you may have on ordering please let us know at: Rockitradio@netzero.net

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