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    Rock-it Radio now has 24 hours worth of programming on the internet every day and we are rapidly approaching our 17th anniversary of broadcasting somewhere and somehow. With many thanks to Palmsradio out in Corpus Christi Tx. and the various stations in the past, present and future that have relayed Rock-it Radio programming.

    Did you know that you can actually now tune into close to 10,000 Radio stations worldwide on your computer? Of course we hope that Rock-it Radio is one of those main stations you tune into -- there are some great directories on the internet that will show you how and where to tune into these stations. And as a service of Rock-it Radio here are the links to these great directories.

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    Here are some other great Radio directory links that you might also want to check out. There are alot of sites listed here and we are continuously updating so you may just want to bookmark this site!

  • Listen Radio . net - Another good site and intensive list of radio stations online.

  • Reciva dot com -- Another up and coming Listing of Internet Radio stations boasting over a listing of over 11,000 stations worldwide.

  • Rock-it Radio - I LIKE TUNES Internet Radio Network

  • Radio Flood -- Listing of over 4000 Internet Radio Stations Worldwide.

  • -- Up and coming resource Internet Directory with cross references by Country and Style of Music.

  • Online Media Web log - Pirate and Internet Radio Resource in Dutch .

  • -- Excellent German Website and easy to follow listing of 100's of Radio Stations worldwide online.

  • 124 -- Listing of mostly Hindi Radio stations broadcasting over the internet.

  • NZS.COM - Nice listing of mostly South Pacific Stations broadcasting over the internet.

  • V-Tuner -- New Online and Software Program listing 8000 Radio Stations Online.

  • NEW! -- Rock-it Radio Website listing International Shortwave Stations that now broadcast over the internet.

  • COM FM (English Version)

  • BRS Radio World (another excellent listing)

  • Web Radio List -- Internet Radio Directory with nearly 1500 entries worldwide.

  • -- Radio Station Directory searchable by Genre or Location.

  • Rock-it Radio's guide to Radio and TV on the Internet.

  • Flip 2 It .com -- On the hour directory of many genres of music and talk shows available online.

  • Audi -- huge list of 7500 Radio stations.

  • MIT Internet Radio list

  • Fun Sites listings of guides to live radio over the net.

  • Virtual Tuner - nearly 5500 sites listed of radio sites to listen to

  • Pandia Radio Search. Another Search engine for Radio Stations broadcasting over the net.

  • All 4 Radio Internet Listings of Radio Stations.

  • Song Search Net Radio Listings.

  • Live Radio on the Internet

  • Com FM - out of France

  • COM FM (English Version)

  • BRS Radio World (another excellent listing)

  • Dick Becker's Webpage on Radio Stations broadcasting over the internet

  • Radio @ Radios (out of Brazil- excellent listings)

  • Listing of Mostly Russian Radio sites on the web

  • List of Russian Radio stations

  • -- Russian site of top Russian stations on the net.

  • Mike's Radio World

  • KZSU - Stanford University list of Non Commercial Stations.

  • Atomic Magazine's Listing of Oldies Stations Worldwide.

  • -- Radio Directory in English out of Mexico.

  • Radio Mundo Internet Radio List

  • Radio Free World - Radio Directory

  • Broadcast Live Listings

  • i probe -- Listing of 1800 Internet Radio Stations Worldwide.

  • World Band Radio- Internet Radio listing site.

  • 100,000 - Radio Industry And Station News site.

  • Omni Radio - Radio Directory of Radio Stations over the internet worldwide.

  • Fun Sites directory of Directories of Radio Station related webpages.
  • Radio Web World -- German Directory of Internet Radio Broadcasters Worldwide.

    Free Your Mind

    Directory - A network of Internet radio directory using our resource.
    Radio Web Directory Resource - A Great Radio Resource Online.

    Note: Purchasing from the above links of helps pay for the costs of maintaining this website... Thank you.

    Click here to learn how to record internet audio
    Click the above banner if you want to learn how to record Internet Streaming Radio.

    Rock Music news, gig listing, discussion forum and free adverts

    Rock-it Radio also supports free Radio and Part 15 (low power broadcasting) to keep radio diverse and free. Here are some Low Power and Free Radio related sites that you might want to check out.

  • Rock-it Radio page on Pirate and Offshore Radio with vintage Pirate Radio shows for sale.
  • Earth Radio UK -- site dedicated to Pirate and Offshore Radio in the UK.

  • Clandestine Radio . com website.

  • Martin Schoesch's Excellent List of Pirate Radio Stations Worldwide.

  • Alfa Lima International - Netherlands #1 Free Radio Source and Links

  • Radio Cochiguaz - South American Free Radio.

  • The Free Radio Network

  • The ACE (Association of Clandestine Radio Enthusiasts)

  • Shortwave Relay Service (out of Germany)

  • Swedish Radio Service News

  • The Pirate Pages

  • Offshore Echo (featuring Offshore broadcasting in Europe)

  • Free Speech Community Radio

  • First Nations Broadcasting - A Native American Radio Network

  • Free Radio Weekly

  • Clandestine Radio Intel.

  • British Pirate Radio

  • Ether Piraten - Dutch Pirate Radio News Site.

  • Pirate Radio Central

  • Radio For all

  • Low Power FM broadcasting

  • Radio Free Santa Cruz

  • Freewaves Italian Pirate Radio

  • Anorak Pirate Radio Info. (British)

  • Low Power Broadcasting frequently asked questions

  •'s Pirate Radio Listings (everything you ever wanted to find on Pirate Radio.

  • Pirate Radio Internet (British)

  • Assoc. North American Radio Clubs website

  • Radio For All

  • Universal Radio's Shortwave Radio News and Information site.

  • Top 100 Internet Radio stations (Rating service)

  • Music and Radio (Dutch site)

  • Tune in on The FCC!!! ~~~ There actual Real Audio station!

  • Free and Pirate Shortwave Page from Belgium. THE podcasting directory

    Attention Hurricane Monitors -- Check out the Rock-it List of Hurricane Monitoring Frequencies

  • Rock-it Radio list of Active Hurricane Monitoring Frequencies


    On drawback for Internet Radio has always been you have to be by your computer to tune in. Not so anymore - Thanks to miniture FM transmitters you can now tune into your favorite Internet Radio stations on a nearby FM Radio. These FM transmitters easily hook up to your PC or Mac and then rebroadcasts the audio to your FM radio in your home. Here are a couple of products below.

    Want to go shopping for Radio equipment??
    Here is a list of various items that sell Microcasting Radio kits etc.

  • Broadcast Warehouse
  • Veronica (out of the UK)
  • PCS
  • Panaxis
  • Ramsey Electronics - FM Kit Manufacturers
  • PMP 3 - Another site to purchase Equipment to get you on the air.

    You can also Start your own Internet Radio station for free
    via Radio Destiny
  • Click here to get Radio Destiny software.
  • Starting your own Internet Radio Station. - Radio Revolution

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    Internet Television Directories

    As Internet speeds increase with broadband and DSL etc. -- And more affordable thruout the world. We now have even Web TV sites to look forward too here online.

  • WWITV -- Live Web TV Directory out of Holland

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