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As Hurricane Sandy is approaching we have put up some links to some local News Radio Stations that may be able to provide more local coverage that can be heard worldwide over the internet. We wish all the people in the path of Hurricane Sandy to take care and take proper precautions.

  • N2ACF New York City Amateur Radio Repeater

  • NOAA Weather Radio for Baltimore

  • NOAA Weather Radio for Atlantic City, New Jersey

  • WDEL - News Radio - Wilmington, Delaware.

  • WBAL - News Radio - Baltimore, Maryland.

  • KYW - News Radio - Philadelphia, Penn.

  • WOND - News & Talk - Pleasantville, New Jersey

  • WCTC - News and Talk - New Brunswick, New Jersey

  • WINS 1010 AM - New York City News Talk.

  • WOR 710 AM - New York City News Talk

  • WGCH - 1490 AM - Greenwich, Connecticut

    The Following is a list of Frequencies for Radio Monitors that wish to continue to monitor Hurricane developments over shortwave.

    Note: Activity is noted on 14.325 Khz. on the Amateur Radio Hurricane Watch Frequency.
    Also, effective 2030 hours Zulu South Carolina has set up the Emergency Amateur Frequencies of 3915 & 3993.5 Khz. on 15 September 1999.
    Here are more Frequencies to monitor

    3815.0 Inter-island 75 meter frequency (24 hour/day watch)
    3815.0 LSB Antigua / Antilles net
    3818.0 Antilles net
    3915.0 South Carolina Emergency NET
    4270.0 FAX pictures from CFH Halifax
    4429.0 USCG broadcasts from NMN Portsmouth VA **
    6330.0 FAX pictures from CFH Halifax
    6673.0 Aircraft NOAA43
    7165.0 Inter-island 40 meter frequency (24 hour/day watch)
    7165.0 LSB Antigua / Antilles net
    7232.0 South Carolina Emergency NET
    7243.0 South Carolina Emergency NET
    8080.0 FAX pictures from NMN
    8765.0 USCG broadcasts from NMN Portsmouth VA **
    8765.0 Health and Welfare traffic
    8993.0 USB Air Force and Coast Guard
    10536.0 FAX pictures from CFH Halifax
    11245.0 Gull calling Teal (Macdill AFB Tampa)
    11246.0 Hurricane Hunter Gull 15
    11249.5 Gull 17 heading home calling Macdill
    13113.0 USCG broadcasts from NMN Portsmouth VA **
    13245.0 USB Antigua / Antilles net
    13510.0 FAX pictures from CFH Halifax
    14150.0 Ham net
    14275.0 Ham net (IARN)/Red Cross
    14283.0 Caribus NET (+/- 3 khz. during QRM)
    14283.0 Health and Welfare traffic
    14303.0 Health and Welfare traffic
    14313.0 The Maritime Mobile Net
    14316.0 Health and Welfare traffic
    14325.0 Hurricane Watch Net (Hams+Natl Hurricane Ctr)
    14375.0 Ham net
    17307.0 USCG broadcasts from NMN Portsmouth VA **
    18019.0 Gull calling Teal (Macdill AFB Tampa)
    21310.0 Health & Welfare In Spanish
    28450.0 Health & Welfare In Spanish
    USCG weather broadcasts occur at:
    0400 0530 1000 1130 1600 1730 2200 2330 UTC

    Hurricane hunter aircraft:
    6673.0 11398.0 13354.0 21937.0

    Amateur Emergency Nets in Hurricane Areas
    frequencies in kHz - Mode: USB or LSB

    Alabama 3695.0
    Antilles 7165.0
    Southern LA 7245.0
    Baja 7235.0
    Belize 3935.0 7250.0
    Bermuda 14275.0
    Caribbean Emergency 14185.0
    Caribbean Maritime Mobile 7115.0
    Caribean WX 3808.0
    California WX 3948.0
    Georgia 3975.0
    Gulf Coast Central Hurr. 3935.0 7245.0
    Gulf Coast West Hurr. 3845.0 7260.0
    Gulf Coast (Outgoing only) 3967.0 7283.0
    Gulf Coast WX 3995.0 7290.0
    Gulf Coast Health and Welfare 3993.5 7264.0
    Interamericas H&W 21390.0
    Lake Charles, LA 3993.5 7264.0
    Louisiana 14340.0 (1900Z)
    Manana 7070.0
    Mexican National 3987.5
    Mississippi ARES 3923.0 3910.0
    North Carolina 3915.0
    South Carolina 3915.0
    South Texas Emergency 3955.0
    Texas Emergency 7240.0 7250.0
    Texas Traffic/H&W 3691.0 7290.0 day 3910.0 night
    Transatlantic Maritime Mobile 21400.0
    Waterway 7268.0

    Whenever a hurricane is within 300 miles of land in the northern western hemisphere, the Hurricane Watch Net is operational on 14.325 USB MHz. The Hurricane Watch Net provides communication between the National Hurricane Center and the affected areas.


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    Preparation - Surviving a Hurricane How to's

    The Amateur Radio RACES service is operating on several frequencies. During the day it is best to monitor the "Hurricane Net" on 14325 kHz (USB). Health & Welfare traffic is heard on 14300 kHz with "outgoing" Health & Welfare messages on 14268 kHz. The above frequencies are best heard during the daylight hours or according to propagation conditions.
    Night-time and early morning traffic can be heard on the following frequencies. 3930 kHz (Central Gulf Coast Hurricane Net), 3935 kHz (Hurricane Net-Emergency Traffic) and 3920 kHz (Health & Welfare Traffic). All these are in LSB (Lower Sideband) mode.
    In addition, for RTTY weather updates from WLO at Mobile, Alabama can be monitored on 16997.5 kHz (daytime) and 8534 kHz or 6344 kHz (during the night and early morning hours). WLO carries the latest Hurricane Advisories from the National Hurricane Center in Florida.
    Of course, there are other frequencies which you may hear WLO on also. USCG weather can also be heard on 4429 kHz, 8765 kHz, 13113 kHz and 17307 kHz (USB).
    As was mentioned before, NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft can be found on 6673, 11398, 13354 and 21937 kHz (USB). There may be other frequencies which may be on the air and in use by other agencies such as the American Red Cross, FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) or other government services such as the National Guard.
    Other Links of Interest
    Several Local AM & FM Radio stations broadcast over the internet -- Check out our Radio links page of Directories and check out some of the Local Radio stations that may be affected.
  • Rock-it Radio listing of Radio Links & Directories.
  • Internet Hurricane Tracking Site
  • National Hurricane Center
  • Hurricane Hunters 403rd Air Reconaissance Website
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