The History of Rock-it Radio
A Pioneer Web Radio station.

Last Updated: 8 June, 2009
Rock-it Radio was born in May of 1995, designed to play and promote Rockabilly Music worldwide. Rock-it Radio was started by Bennie Dingo from his recording studios in Ventura, California USA. Bennie's concept for Rock-it Radio was to share other great genres of roots rock & roll that are being ignored in today's commercial "oldies" radio broadcasts.

The obscure beginnings of Rock-it Radio were 32 week-end programs that were mailed to Radio Station IRRS (Italian Radio Relay Service) in Milan, Italy during 1995-96. IRRS was a 8,000 watt shortwave station broadcasting variety programming. The station's wide coverage area across Europe resulted in Rockit-Radio receiving over 1000 letters that first year! Programming was somewhat "schizophrenic" in that it was trying to promote two formats at the same time: Rockabilly and Doo Wop (with just a touch of Rhythm and Blues thrown in for good measure).

Rock-it Radio QSL Card for Shortwave Reception reports from 1995 to 1996. Over 1000 Shortwave Listeners wrote to Rock-it Radio during this time.

In 1996 Radio Station WRMI in Miami, Florida USA heard of Rock-it Radio via shortwave and picked up and began broadcasting their programs as well with 50,000 Watt Station beamed to the Caribbean and South America. By late 1996, Bennie Dingo advertised over various radio newsgroups over the Internet that if anyone was interested in Rock-it Radio programming to contact the station.
On Christmas Day 1996 Graham Barclay of Kiwi Radio in Napier, New Zealand received a show by Bennie Dingo on Rock-it Radio, and broadcasted it to the world on 7475 Khz. in the Shortwave Band. Sadly, shortly after that Kiwi Radio "The Rock of the Pacific" shut down and later Graham Barclay began "Soundwave FM" at which Rock-it Radio provided programming up to mid 1997.

By this time, Rock-it Radio had expanded its programming to include obscure Doo Wop, 50's Rock and Roll, and 50's Rhythm and Blues along with Rockabilly. Pioneer Internet Broadcaster Bill Doerner out of Corpus Christi, Texas and his Internet radio station of "" answered Bennie's ad and opened the door for Rock-it Radio to begin its worldwide success. Internet Radio in 1997 was still in it's infancy and Palms Radio in Corpus Christi was a true pioneer in that regard, and Rock-it Radio was thrilled to be part of this new medium.
Palmsradio began webcasting Rock-it Radio programs on the internet beginning in 1997, and soon thereafter Bill Doerner also begain airing Rock-it programming on his AM Radio station on Padre Island, Texas. At this time, Radio stations WDOA-FM in Worcester, Massachusetts also began to carry Rock-it Radio programming.

With this new medium, our listenership steadily increased through 1997. Rock-it Radio also added live programming through phone line hook ups from its studios in Ventura, California to the Corpus Christi Palmsradio transmitters during prime time on Friday and Saturday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m. Pacific Time.

Web radio is the perfect medium for Rock-it Radio. As popularity of the internet grows, Rock-it Radio can reach a growing worldwide audience that enjoys the roots format of 50's Rockabilly, Doo Wop and Rhythm and Blues. Palmsradio was a God Send for Rock-it Radio, and provided the springboard to its present worldwide popularity.

One interesting note (and showing how quickly news travels on the Internet)--during the first 3 months of Rock-it Radio broadcasting on the internet Rock-it Radio had a problem with Rock-it Radio show #40. Station owner Bill Doerner at Palmsradio announced the show by saying "This doesn't sound like Rock-it Radio or Bennie Dingo, but here it is anyways" -- and began playing the tape he had received from Bennie. However, during the preceding week some tapes got mislabeled, and what was labeled as Rock-it Radio show #40 turned out to be a tape of Bennie's collection of the most raunchy Rhythm and Blues tunes from the 20s thru the 50s he had in his collection. The show started with a nice 20s Blues tune of a female vocalist blasting out a nice little verse of "I have nipples as big as my thumb! And Lordy I sure can make my man ____ ." (well it rhymes with thumb).

Bennie immediately called the Corpus Christi Studio to have the show pulled and figured this would probably be the end of the Rock-it in Texas and the Internet. Fortunately, Bill Doerner laughed and stated he figured it wasn't meant to be aired, but within 15 minutes Rock-it Radio was setting listenership records on the Internet. Rock-it Radio has never done another "Risque" or "Raunchy" show but maybe they should(it sure did get them noticed)!!

During the first part of 1998, Bennie thought it would be a good idea to have other music collectors on Rock-it Radio to share their rarer 50s Rock collections. The first two to come forward were Randy Tivens and his RLT Archives Show, and Lane Quigley and his Memory Lane Show. Randy (whose music offered a wider oldies format to include 50s to the 80s) went on to form his own Internet radio station -

Lane has stayed on with Rock-it Radio and his Memory Lane show is one of the more popular series on Rock-it Radio with his variety of well documented and always enjoyable programs featuring great 50s and early 60s music. And is still at Rock-it Radio over a decade later playing those great oldies.

Rock-it Radio goes into it's own Online

In September of 1998 Bill Doerner of Corpus Christi, Texas' Palmsradio site notified Bennie that he was starting a local newspaper on Padre Island and was ceasing operations of the Palmsradio Internet Station. Bill graciously handed over the operations to Bennie in thanks for the live programming Rock-it Radio had provided over the weekends.

The remainder of 1998 was basically used for promoting the now independent Rock-it Radio and getting the site established with fans of Rockabilly, Doo Wop and 50s R&B over the Internet. A new improved studio was built to house the new equipment and music collection for the expanded service. The Listeners club was established and within 3 months at the end of 1998 had 300 members.

Bennie Dingo continued to do his Rockabilly programs and promote Rock-it Radio. Lane Quigley produced his shows featuring a variety of 50's and early 60's genres, including the popular series of Forgotten Top 20's . In Mid 1998 Rock-it Radio was still playing the Rockabilly of the 50s when Bennie heard of a female Rockabilly vocalist from Fresno, California. The band's name was Cattie Ness & The Revenge
  • click here to See the Cattie Ness Website.
    . Bennie quickly noted that the band had great energy, a souped-up roots sound. When lead singer Becky Caraveo gave Bennie some promo recordings, he quickly put it up for airplay on Rock-it Radio. Ever since then, Bennie has opened up the Rock-it airwaves to any band that had the original roots sound of Rockabilly, Doo Wop or 50s Rhythm and Blues.

    In 1999, Bennie also brought his wife Jan in the picture, who helped out with promotions and occasional shows where she went as "Jammin' Jan". Jan, also a professional artist, designed the Rock-it Cat logo of Rock-it Radio, which is featured on the stations T-shirts and other promotional materials.

    Meanwhile, Bennie began a second venture of "First Nations Broadcasting".
    Click here to see the First Nations Site.
    Bennie (being of some Native American heritage) thought of providing musical and news programming for Indigenous populations of North America, including Alaska, via the Internet. Bennie was assisted by Debbie Snowdove who soon took over promotions of First Nations Broadcasting. Bennie quickly realized that it was almost impossible to devote enough time for both Rock-it Radio and First Nations Broadcasting -- there just weren't enough hours in the day to handle both projects -- so Bennie continued to focus on programming and promoting Rock-it Radio. Bennie still keeps the interest in First Nations Broadcasting and does some local promotions through Pow Wows and handling the website, and also promotes the Iditarod Dog Sled Race with coverage and links of First Nations Broadcasting to the annual Dog sled race from Anchorage to Nome Alaska.

    For the year 2000, Bennie thought it would be a good idea to bring on guest DJ's on Rock-it Radio to give them a chance to share their record collections with Rock-it Radio listeners. One of the first guest DJ's to be aired was Al Smith from Brampton, Ontario Canada in Rock-it Radio show #170 which aired in May of 2000. The show was excellent and it was quickly realized that Al had quite a collection of music that could be shared on Rock-it Radio. Al was asked if he would do more shows for Rock-it Radio and so far, Al "Cool Daddy" Smith has provided over 60 shows so far!

    Soon another guest DJ, Mike Taylor from Chesterfield, Missouri, joined the permanent ranks of Rock-it Radio personalities, beginning on 14 July 2000 with Rock-it Radio show #185. Mike, like Bennie, plays mostly Rockabilly and has come up with a very popular series of shows featuring "Rockin' Gals" consisting of music of female Rockabilly vocalists. Mike's collection of Rockabilly is extensive. His knowledge and has also become a great asset to what is now the Rock-it team.

    Rock-it Radio was definitely growing as more and more shows were coming in for airplay now. In August of 2000, another DJ was added to the Rock-it ranks -- this time filling a niche that Rock-it Radio was missing, and needed to be filled -- Rockabilly music coming from Europe. Bennie has collected Rockabilly music for 25 years and realized that even though Rockabilly may be American made.... it was the Europeans that had given it it's rebirth and have kept it alive. Even though you had to look long and hard for a Rockabilly band in the States in the 1980s -- Europe was rockin' to Rockabilly by all sorts of bands out of Sweden, Germany, the UK and other nations. Bennie was fortunate to add Otto Fuchs from Baden, Austria with his "Rocket 88" shows to the roster of personalities on Rock-it Radio. His shows generally feature Rockabilly bands from the 80s to today of Rockabilly music and also will include a great mix of 50s tunes as well. Otto has filled a missing link of Rockabilly on Rock-it Radio and we are grateful to have him.

    By the end of 2000 there were over 860 members in the Rock-it Radio listeners club. Also, in August of 2000 DJ World, in an online survey of Internet radio stations, voted Rock-it Radio the #1 Internet radio station for that month. Rock-it Radio didn't grow as fast in 2001 as it had in 2000. The increasing costs of running Rock-it Radio used up a good portion of the promotion and advertising budget for Rock-it Radio.

    Nevertheless, in our continuing effort to improve the quality and fidelity of Rock-it Radio, new equipment was purchased during 2001. In mid 2001 Bennie was hampered from doing much programming or promotions due to illness. Once Bennie recovered, 3 more DJ's were added to the Rock-it Radio team.
    In July 2001 Cool Bobby B from Cincinatti, Ohio and his syndicated radio show of "The Doo Wop Stop" was added. Rock-it Radio is proud to be the only Internet station to carry his program of rare and classic Doo Wop music of the 50's and early 60's.

    Two months later, the newest additions made their debut on Rock-it Radio -- a great Rockin' duo from Essex, England: Ian Levene and Rockin' Robin! They have added more European Rockabilly programming of the 50s and today. They first aired on 17 September 2001 with Rock-it show #345. Rock-it Radio shows also were expanded to the European continent in 2001 by having programming broadcast on two Radio stations in the Netherlands -- Radio 100 (99.3 FM) in Amsterdam and another shortwave outlet of Radio Alfa International in Hoogeven, The Netherlands. Now thanks to these two outlets, the Netherlands is now ranked #3 (behind the United States and Canada) in number of Rock-it Radio listeners.

    So, by the first month of 2002 -- The online Listeners Club of Rock-it Radio numbered over 1100 members. It has been a very busy month for the Rock-it. We have set new records in listenership and begun sending programs overseas to be enjoyed by our troops in Operation Enduring Freedom.
    In June of 2002 -- Two more Rock-it Radio DJ's were added to do shows. Dave Justice and the syndicated RadioActivE Gold show followed by Johnny G and his Cruisin' Show from the United Kingdom. Both members bringing a pre established following with them and has both been a great benefit to Rock-it Radio. In August of 2002 -- Rock-it Radio was recognized by the International Rockabilly Hall of Fame as the First Internet Radio station to have a Rockabilly format. The station plans to continue and broaden its services in the future and do all it can to keep this great music alive!

    By 2003 A great deal of recruiting was being done on Rock-it Radio for new listenership, as membership great to over 2200 members in the online listener's club. And also completion of there FM outlet on 99.1 FM was also in full swing and broadcasting from Studio A. Being one of the first stations to have an all 50's style Rock and Roll format, a genre where most Radio Stations have all but forgotten.
    In April of 2003 -- Rock-it Radio added another DJ to there ranks... Jos Woulters from his studio and his Heebie Jeebies show in the Netherlands. His show in Dutch helped keep and maintain the online presence of Rock-it Radio in Europe. And to keep the Rockabilly scene alive on Rock-it Radio - Bennie Dingo was fortunate enough to add Sheree Homer who produces a show known as "Rockabilly Revue" who runs and operates the Rockabilly Magazine by the same name.
    Bennie in October of 2003 also was fortunate enough to add 2 more DJ's with there Doo Wop formats of Butchie Boy and his Butchie Boys Doo Wop Diner recorded from his studio in the High Desert of California in the city of Littlerock. And Clarke Davis and his Big show from his recording studio in New Jersey. Whose shows have become extremely popular in a very short period!
    It was a goal of Rock-it Radio to have 3000 members in their listener's club by the end of the year. That goal was met a month ahead of schedule and was met by November 2003. In 2003 Costs were increasing with copyright fees. Rock-it Radio never has made a profit and the cost of operation was always glad to be paid by Bennie Dingo. But the extra costs were mounting up and to help alleviate this -- The Rock-it Store was begun where various vintage 50's Radio Shows and Recordings, CD's and Videos could be purchased and the proceeds would go back entirely into Rock-it Radio. Thanks to participating Rock-it Radio listener's who have purchased thru this site, as we would of never of been able to last as long as we have now without you.

    Thanks to Clarke Davis and the Big Show out of Dover New Jersey, by the end of 2003 he began producing professional sounding Jingles and Images to Rock-it Radio that gave Rock-it an increased sense of professionalism.
    In February of 2004 Rock-it Radio was able to ask and have Steve Propes come aboard Rock-it Radio. Steve a well known author of many books of the History of Rock and Roll and co wrote the book “What was the first Rock and Roll Record?” Steve’s shows on Rock-it Radio are very informative and usually focus on the early R&B sounds in and around the West Coast.
    And by April of 2004 – Tommy Ryan came aboard Rock-it Radio with his Backseat Memories Program featuring usually great doo wop and rhythm and blues of the 50’s and 60’s. – Tommy also owns Tommy Ryan’s Diner there in Niagara Falls, New York where Rock-it Radio plays around the clock in the Diner.
    July 3rd, 2004 was a very special day for Rock-it Radio as Lane Quigley of the Memory Lane Show and co hosted by Bennie Dingo along with all the other Rock-it Radio DJ’s at the time put out the 1000th show on Rock-it Radio. Several artists of the past sent there own special best wishes on this show for Rock-it Radio is one of Rock-it Radio’s Milestone Broadcasts.
    On August 2nd, 2004 Rock-it Radio was saddened to report the passing of a broadcasting legend – Hunter Hancock. Hunter passed away at the age of 88 and was the first DJ to have his own show dedicated entirely to Rhythm and Blues back in 1948. Hunter Hancock’s last broadcast was actually in the year 2000 here on Rock-it Radio – where he recreated his popular “Huntin’ with Hunter” Theme Show in Rock-it Radio show #197 on the Memory Lane Show back in 2000.
    Rock-it Radio is still looking forward to continued growth in web radio as a new and growing medium.
    In September 2004 -- Ted Quillin came aboard and joined the Rock-it Radio Team. Commonly known as T.Q. -- Ted is a broadcasting legend and spent many years in the Early 60's at Radio stations like KFWB and others in Southern California. Ted's show "Blues for Breakfast" is aired at least once a month on Rock-it Radio.
    In October 2004 -- Paul Lauzon and the Echoes of the Past show from Worcester, Massachusetts also came aboard and joined Rock-it Radio. Paul's show is usually a mix of oldies from the first decade of Rock and Roll. And also works out of WCUW community Radio in Worcester as well.

    2005 Rock-it Radio -- Changes in the Lineup

    By 2005 we had lost a couple of DJ's at Rock-it Radio ... mostly due to time restraints. Tommy Ryan's Doo Wop Show and Sheree Homer's Rockabilly Revue shows had both been cancelled.
    To fill the void a very popular Oldies show that all the Rock-it Radio Jocks listen to was Brian Lee's Rock, Bop and Doo Wop show out of KVMR in Nevada City, California. Bennie Dingo asked Brian if he would be interested in joining the Rock-it Team -- And with thanks also to the studios of KVMR -- Brian agreed and we have been thankful ever since.
    Also, coming aboard the Rock-it Radio team was Shaun Pierce and the Powerball Show out of WORD in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Shaun quickly proved why Pittsburgh is called the oldies capital of the world. By late 2005 the popular show of Dave Justice's RadioActivE Gold show was also taken off of Rock-it Radio, due to Dave going over to Route 66 Radio online. Increased demand for bandwidth and airplay over the internet -- The Rock-it Radio store continued to add more vintage airchecks (broadcasts) of radio personalities and Rock and Roll Shows of the past.
    Click here to view the Rock-it Radio Store

    In Late 2005 -- Two more DJ's came aboard Rock-it Radio. Roy Harrow with the Ear Full of Oz Show with a new twist as the Internet Broadcasts truly are an international medium. The Show features 50's and 60's Music and Musicians from Australia. Australian Listenership of Rock-it Radio quickly doubled from this show. Today the show is knows as an 'Ear Full of Rock and Roll' and Roy plays not only Australian Oldies but Oldies from around the Globe.
    And to keep the demand of Doo Wop Music by Rock-it Radio listeners. The Pete Chaston's Doo Wop Show was also added. Pete plays rare 45's and even a popular Silly Song Segment.
    By the end of 2005 Rock-it Radio Listenerclub membership had grown to over 5000 members.

    2006 Rock-it Radio

    So far in 2006 -- Rock-it Radio has been working on modernizing and using increased online presence. The Weekly Rock-it Radio Newsletter can now be read online thru the Rock-it Radio Blog.
    Click here to view the archived Rock-it Radio Blog site.
    The Rock-it Radio Picture Website was also added to the list of Rock-it Radio websites. Showing pictures of the Rock-it Radio Jocks at various Functions.
    Click here for the Rock-it Radio Picture Page.
    On July 2nd, 2006 -- Lane and Pat Quigley were gracious hosts once again and hosted the 2nd Annual Rock-it Radio BBQ. You can view pictures of that event in the picture website mentioned above.
    Also, in July the Rock-it Radio archives website ... that holds the Rock-it Radio programs was increased to hold 16 shows on the website. Anywhere from 7 to 9 shows a week were being aired on Rock-it Radio.

    Rock-it Radio in 2007

    In early 2007 Rock-it Radio had to let go one of it's DJ's - Paul Lauzon and the Echoes of the Past show. But an oldies station in East St. Louis, Illinois showed interest in Rock-it Radio programming for it's station. And for a brief while WXOZ was airing the top DJ's on Rock-it Radio with it's programming as it was going thru a transition. WXOZ liked the Big Show by Clarke Davis so much that they hired him on as a permanent fixture of WXOZ.
    Another great improvement was that Rock-it Radio finally started using Satellite communications to upload it's shows to the webserver. Saving a great deal of time in production and getting the shows online.
    In April 2007 - Wishing to give Rockabilly music a stronger presence on Rock-it Radio - Bennie was able to find another DJ volunteer on Rock-it Radio - Ken Abruzzi known as 'The Rockin' Daddy O' brought another strong presence and a Rockin' Rockabilly show playing Rockabilly of yesteryear and bands today on his show.
    By August of 2007 -- Rock-it Radio added Rick Ward and his Rockin' Memories Show along with his co host Judy The Beauty. Rick spent many years in Southern California Radio in the 60's and along with his own show also produced Wolfman Jack's shows at XPRS. Rick and Judy's presence on Rock-it Radio has remained to be one of the more popular shows on Rock-it and we have been greatful to get him onboard here.

    Rock-it Radio In 2008

    In November 2007 - Rock-it Radio DJ's Lane Quigley, Bennie Dingo, Jammin' Jan along with TQ - Ted Quillin participated in the Cool Bobby B Doo Wop Convention and had a table set up to promote Rock-it Radio, in Las Vegas. It was a great time and a fantastic weekend. And during the convention Bennie was fortunate enough to meet Denny McConnell an assistant to Cool Bobby B at the Convention. By January 2008 Denny was doing his first show from his studios in Reading, Pennsylvania - His show is known as 'The Music of your mind show'. In March of 2008 Rock-it Radio was lucky enough to get back Dave Justice and the RadioActivE Gold Show and still today probably received the most requests on his weekly show on Rock-it Radio.
    After years of doing specials for Rock-it Radio - Lane Quigley's Co Host and competitor who always represented the East Coast in the annual East Coast vs. West Coast Oldies Battles and later the North vs. South Oldies Battle Annual Specials - Bill Green built his own studio and started his own show in July of 2008. The Show is called the Rock and Roll Retrospective and soon featured the popular 'Giant Jukebox'.
    In September 2008 - Rock-it Radio's Google Account was hacked into that they do online advertising for and the hacker from outside of the United States charged an advertising rate of $40,000.00 a day advertising campaign under Rock-it Radio. Google caught it within hours but not until nearly $14,000.00 on this campaign was already charged to Rock-it Radio. It took nearly a month to get straightened out. And Rock-it Radio's account was frozen until the matter could be investigated.
    Click here for the Press Release of the Ventura County Star on Rock-it Radio.
    Many other press agencies also picked up the story and eventhough the Google Account was temporarily frozen the increased press presence helped Rock-it Radio continue.
    In October 2008 -- Rock-it Radio also added a new columnist to the Weekly Rock-it Radio Newsletter to add listener interest and stories of performers of original Rock and Roll and Robert Benson started adding articles for the Rock-it Radio newsletter.
    In November 2008 Rock-it Radio added it's first All Doo Wop Lady DJ -- Debra Dynamite and her Doo Wop Revue show. Debra the wife of Ken Abruzzi (Rockin' Daddy O) provided and plays the Doo Wop sound of Rock and Roll Group Harmony and is continuing to gain loyal listeners to her upbeat delivery of this popular Rock-it genre.
    Also, in 2008 Dennis Marcucci's Doo Wop Show left Rock-it Radio and went onto another internet station.

    Rock-it Radio in 2009

  • In February of 2009 -- Leslie Stevens of the Route 66 Good Time Oldies show left Rock-it Radio for another station. Also, in February 2009 by coaxing of several of the Rock-it DJ's and the suggestion of Johnny G the UK DJ on Rock-it Radio - It was finally decided that Rock-it Radio should switch over to a MP3 for in lieu of the Real Media format. Rock-it Radio DJ Lane Quigley I think described it best by saying 'Real Media is so 90's'. The Main Studio of Rock-it Radio was continuously plagued using Real Media - The Studio using Real Media for some reason had a bleed in from AM Station KOXR located in Oxnard, California not far from the Rock-it Studio - And the constant Spanish Ranchera Music Format became an increasing nuisance. And MP3 was a much more Internationally accepted format for Online broadcasting. With the change of MP3 Format The Rock-it Radio archives bandwidth was also increased so more listeners can tune in at the same time and the webspace was increased to hold up to 19 shows online at one time.
    In March of 2009 Rock-it Radio's Launching Pad increased it's vintage radio recording releases of Offshore Pirate Radio Broadcasts for the upcoming movie of 'The Boat that Rocked' that was loosely based on the Story of the famous UK Pirate Radio Ship and Station of Radio Caroline.
    Also, in early 2009 Rock-it Radio increased it's online presence thru it's own Facebook site. And has greatly increased the membership to Rock-it Radio listener's club. The Facebook has helped Rock-it Radio in that Listener's now get immediate notice when a new Rock-it Radio show is in it's program webpage.
    If you are a member of Facebook you may wish to join this free service by clicking here.

    By the end of May 2009 Rock-it Radio reach another milestone having produced it's 3000 show and a week later broke the 8000 member mark of it's Listener's Club of over 8000 members worldwide. It was hoped that we could have our 3000th show and 8000th member the same week but missed it by only one. Their was only 7999 members when we hit the 3000th show.
    On June 24, 2009 - Roy Harrow and the Ear Full of Oz and later the Ear Full of Rock and Roll Show from Australia resigned from Rock-it Radio to do other work on Terrestrial Stations in Australia. To take his place was long time Radio Oldies Host - Gary Larkin and two shows he has produced The Long time standing show - House of Wax show and Music for Lover's show. By Late July of 2009 thanks to the growth from it's Facebook page - Rock-it Radio Listener Club membership did hit the 9000 mark almost over night. Also, in September Rock-it Radio began advertising in 'Keep Rockin' Magazine that is a top of the line publication dealing with Oldies Rock and Roll.
    On September 24th of 2009 the DJ ranks truly swelled as they also added on a new Rockabilly DJ -- Jackie Bond from Harrow in the United Kingdom with the Jackie Bond and the 'Let the Good Times Roll Rockabilly Hour' Show. That Debut as Rock-it Radio show #3152.

    Jackie Bond and the Let the Good Times Roll Oldies Show.

    In Late 2009 Rock-it Radio DJ Butchie Olmstead was hospitalized in the VA Hospital in Lompoc, California and received life threatening injuries from bed sores and infections having served in Vietnam and a paraplegic. Sadly, Butchie Boys Doo Wop Diner show was unable to continue on Rock-it Radio.
    In October of 2009 Dave Justice and the Popular RadioActivE Gold Show also announced his retirement. Citing health reasons. What started out to be we thought was a year full of great shows and DJ's By December Rock-it Radio found themselves with a shortage of DJ's and recruitment will have to begin.

    The top 5 shows for 2009 for Rock-it Radio were:

    1. Lane Quigley - Memory Lane Show
    2. Rick Ward's Rockin' Oldies Show
    3. Cool Bobby B's Doo Wop Stop
    4. Pete Chaston's Doo Wop Show
    5. Al Cool Daddy Smith Shows

    2010 for Rock-it Radio

    Straight away in January 2010 Rock-it Radio was able to recruit the top Aussie Rockabilly DJ from Bendigo, Victoria Australia - Trevor Hyland and his Rockin' Dance Party show. Trevor brought over many Aussie listeners with him to Rock-it Radio. And in April 2010 Rock-it Radio also recruited Matt the Cat and the Juke in the Back Show. A Rhythm And Blues show from the 40s and 50s. Matt came over from XM Radio at the time and was recommended by Rick Ward who was also doing a show for XM Satellite Radio at the time.

    Trevor Hyland and the Rock and Roll Dance Party Show. Joins Rock-it Radio in 2010!

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