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    Websites of Shows featured every week on Rock-it Radio in our archives.

    Rock-it Radio - Facebook Fansite Get Daily Updates of Rock-it Radio Shows as soon as they are released online and other Rock-it Radio bulletins
    Cool Bobby B & The Doo Wop Stop official site of the Doo Wop Stop. With Cool Bobby B every week online at Rock-it Radio.
    Rock-it Radio DJ page Pictures and descriptions of all the Personalities at Rock-it Radio
    Rock-it Radio's Programs Archives Page Online shows currently available to listen to here at Rock-it Radio

    Websites that Play Doo Wop Music

    Rock-it Radio Archived Shows website Hey we had to put us on top :) -- make sure to check out the Cool Bobby B & The Pete Chaston Doo Wop show and all our other shows along with Johnny G's Cruisin' Show and Debra Dynamites Doo Wop Revue
    Back to the 50's Great Site with tons of 50s Sites to check out
    Beach Music Cafe For Fans of Carolina Beach Music! Let's Shag Baby!
    Beau Daddy's Excellent source of Doo Wop and Vocal Group Harmony information
    Brian's Doo Wop Fixx Site dedicated to Doo Wop Music out of the UK
    Coolsville dot Org New 2010 Social Website for all Mid Century Enthusiasts - Rockabilly, Doo Wop Lovers and Car Culture
    Doo Wop Cafe Another great source for Doo Wop and an internet station to boot!
    Doo Wop Dreams Website from Spain dedicated to Doo Wop Music
    Doo Wop Express Ron Norwood's Doo Wop show from Salem, Oregon
    Doo Wop Jukebox Website with Doo Wop Music
    Echoes of the Past Doo Wop Radio Show
    Mr. & Mrs. Doo Wop Site More Great Doo Wop Music and links online.
    Patchy's Doo Wop Drive In another website that plays Doo Wop
    Pieter's Oldies Drive In Great Site of all sorts of 50s Memories & Links
    Repo's Oldies but Goodies More great oldies and Doo Wop
    The Rock-it Store Doo Wop Music for sale - Plus actual vintage Radio Shows of 1950's and 1960's Rock and Roll shows. Including Alan Freed, Porky Chedwick, Arnie 'Woo Woo' Ginsburg, The Real Don Steele, Mad Daddy Pete Myers, Hunter Hancock, Casey Kasem and Much More! and Growing!
    Rock N Roll Movies of the 50s Great Webguide to some Great Rockin' Movies
    Shady's Doo Wop Jukebox Dutch site playing Doo Wop Music
    Wanderer's Golden Oldies Large site including Doo Wop Music
    Wolfman Site dedicated to the Great DJ - Wolfman Jack

    Miscellaneous Doo Wop & 50's and early 60's Sites....

    CD Doo Wop Dot Com New for 2010 - Rock-it Radio's own Rick Ward and his Ultimate Site of Doo Wop Music available on CD - check it out you will be pleasantly surprised! on Doo Wop's page on Doo Wop Music and Links
    A capella Doo Wop Website dedicated to Acapella Doo Wop & it's history
    Alan Freed Website dedicated to him being at Radio Station WINS 1010 AM in 1955
    All But forgotten Oldies Links to thousands of clips of songs from 1960-1975, plus interviews, RSS feeds, and tips and resources for naming long-lost tunes and locating hard-to-find recordings.
    All Doo Wop . com Nice New Listing full of Doo Wop Links etc.
    American Greaser Brand New Message Board website for all the Greasers out there!
    Atlantic Records Site on the Early Doo Wop & R&B years at Atlantic Records
    Boomer Web A great little site with all sorts of Retro & Baby Boomer links.
    Bronx Babe's Website Site dedicated to Doo Wop and life in The Bronx in the 50's Contemporary website focusing on Acapella Doo Wop
    Doo Wop Cafe Truly Great Site and Largest Doo Wop Yahoo Group
    Doo Wop Nation Website Magazine dedicated to Doo Wop.
    Doo Wop-Net Rainer Clodius' German website on Doo Wop (in English)
    Doo Wop Preservation League Doo Wop Preservation Site from the Heart of Doo Wop -- Wildwood, New Jersey
    Doo Wop Society of Southern California Dedicated to the Preservation and continuation of West Coast Doo Wop
    Doo Wop Sound Features some of the premiere groups of Doo Wop.
    Fifties Web website dedicated to the 1950s
    German Doo Wop King German site dedicated to the Music of Doo Wop.
    Gerry's Top Doo Wops Page Another Great website dedicated to Doo Wop
    Golden Oldies Forever Doo Wop site - With a Great Calendar section of Doo Wop bands playing today.
    History of Rock - The Doo Wop Era Historical perspective site on the Doo Wop Sound
    History of Rock -- The Sounds of Doo Wop Site dedicated to the breakdown of what is Doo Wop Music
    Lacorinha Records Doo Wop Record label today owned and operated by the Group - The Olympics Website dedicated to the Doo Wop Sound
    Radio Stations playing Doo Wop Am & FM stations that play Doo Wop Music on your Radio Dial
    Remember When website dedicated to Doo Wop & 50s Rock & Roll
    Rewind The Fifties Great all around site on 50's Music and Cars and Memorabilia
    Rockin' Radio Another Listing of Radio Stations playing 50s Rock and Roll & Doo Wop
    Record master wonder how much your Doo Wop records might be worth? Here is a great online priceguide
    Rockin John Henry 50s Site of John Henry's out of Tulsa, Ok. Section dedicated to Doo Wop Music
    Vocal Group Hall of Fame Vocal Group Harmony Hall of Fame site

    Doo Wop Groups & 50's Artists Individual Websites

    The Alley Cats 1950s Style Acapella Doo Wop group performing today.
    The Aquatones Doo Wop Group from 1958 to 1961 and Reunited in 2001
    Hank Ballard & The Midnighters History Hank Ballard
    The Bon-Aires Doo Wop Group from 1958 to 1985
    The Brooklyn Bridge Official website of John Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge official site.
    The Cameos Official website of the Doo Wop Group -- The Cameos
    The Capris Official website of the Doo Wop Group -- The Capris still out there today!
    The Cellos Great Apollo Records Doo Wop Group of the 50's
    Larry Chance & The Earls Official website of the group that brought you hits like "Eyes" and "Remember Then"
    The Chantels Quite Possibly the #1 Doo Wop Band of all time
    The Chantels (another site) Official website of The Chantels
    The Chaperones Website of The Chaperones of the hit 'Cruise to the Moon'
    The Chimes Brooklyn Street corner group from 1957
    Lou Christie Official website of Lou Christie
    The Cleftones Story of The Cleftones
    The Clovers website dedicated to The Clovers
    The Clusters Doo Wop Group of Today out of Brooklyn NY
    The Coasters Website on The Coasters
    The Coasters (Another Site) Another website dedicated to the Great Doo Wop Group -- The Coasters
    The Crew Cuts Official Canadian Website on This Group.
    The Crystalairs Official website of The Crystalairs a German Doo Wop Group out there today
    The Crystals Great female group harmony at it's finest!
    The Crystals - Barbara Alston's site Official Website of Barbara Alston - Original singer of the Crystals that currently has a book out on the group.
    Danny & The Juniors Group with the Big Hit "Rock and Roll is here to stay
    Danny & The Juniors (another site) Jaymar's website on Danny & The Juniors
    The Dedications Doo Wop Group out today singing the songs of the 50's and Early 60's
    The Dells official website of this long standing Doo Wop & R&B group
    The Del Satins Dion's other Back up Group after The Belmonts
    The Del Vikings website of this great Doo Wop Group and the hit "Come go with me"
    Del Vikings Destination Doo Wop's site on this group
    The Diamonds official website of this group.
    Dick and Dee Dee Official Website of Dick and Dee Dee of such hits as 'Mountain's High' and 'Thou shalt not steal' fame.
    Dion & The Belmonts Dutch site (in English) on this group.
    Dion & The Belmonts (another site) Musical History of this Group
    The Drifters Biography website of this Group
    The Drifters (another site) Site dedicated to the Early History of the Drifters
    Dukes of Harmony East Coast Doo Wop Group out there today
    The Duprees The Official website of The Duprees
    The Edsels official website of the Group that made the words Rama Lama Ding Dong Famous!
    The Emotions Doo Wop Group today based out of New York
    The Encounters Doo Wop Group of the Past that is still singing today!
    Everly Brothers Site Dedicated to The Everly Brothers plus Links to other Everly sites
    Everly Brothers the official site of The Everly Brothers
    The Excellents with Lead Singer John Kuse - Group had the big hit "Coney Island baby"
    Fabian Official website of the Fabulous Fabian -- ahhh turn me loose...
    The Fireflies from 1959 with there big hit... You were mine.
    The Five Boroughs New York Based Doo Wop Group today
    The Five Discs website dedicated to the history of this band
    Five Satins Link to the Group The Five Satins
    The Flamingos website of the Group that brought you -- I only have eyes for you
    The Fleetwoods Official website of this group
    4 Ever Young Doo Wop Quartet out there today.
    The Fabulous Flops Doo Wop Group today out of Germany
    The Four Epics Official website of The Four Epics
    The Four Lads Website on the history of this group
    Gartenparty German Acapella Doo Wop Group out today
    Charlie Gracie Website of movie being made about the life of 50's and 60's Pop Music Star Charlie Gracie
    Harmony Train Official website of the Group Sound today of 'Harmony Train'.
    The Impalas Co-Ed Doo Wop group out of the 50s
    The Innocents Official website of The Innocents
    Little Anthony & The Imperials Official website of this group
    The Mello-Kings Another Great Doo Wop group of the 50s
    The Mello-Kings (another site) Website dedicated to the History of This Group
    The Moonlites 50's & 60's Vocal Doo Wop Group out there today - played at the Cool Bobby B 2007 Doo Wop Convention.
    The Mystics
    (George Galfo's)
    Official website of George Galfo's Mystics
    The Neons website on the history of this group
    New Harmony Doo Wop Band playing today
    The Olympics Marv Goldberg's website on The Olympics -- West Coast Doo Wop (Western Movies) fame.
    The Paragons Website dedicated to the History of the Group
    Pastime Doo Wop Group today out of Harrisburg, Pa.
    The Pentagons Group out of the 50s from San Bernadino, California
    The Pentagons website with a focus on Joe Jones of the Band
    Philly Cuzz Fantastic Philly Group that is playing Doo Wop Music TODAY!
    The Platters Only you.... ahh one of the greatest groups!
    The Quotations Official website of this band
    Randy & The Rainbows Great Doo Wop group from the late 50s and Early 60s
    The Reflections website dedicated to this group that was featured in Roc-it show #672
    Remaining Few website of this doo wop group that is recording today
    Reminisce New Jersey Doo Wop Grou that is out there today!
    Diane Renay Official website of this female vocalist
    The Revivals Group out today singing the music of the 50s and 60s
    The Ronnettes - Ronnie Spector Official webpage of Ronnie Spector of The Ronnettes
    Rosie & The Originals there official website of this group
    Bobby Rydell his official website
    Santo & Johnny's "Sleepwalk" Site website of the very popular 50s Instrumental duo
    Sha Na Na website dedicated to this 70's revival Group
    The Sheps history and stories of this group
    The Shirelles website dedicated to this great female vocal group
    Jay Siegel & The Tokens official website of this group
    The Solitaires Groups Biggest Hit... "Walking Along"
    The Silhouettes Website on the history of this group -- Big Hit = "Get a Job"
    The Skyliners Official website of this group
    The Squires 50s Group that Hailed from Pasadena, California
    Streetheart fantastic female doo wop group singing today
    The Sunrays The Sunrays and Eddy Medora
    The Teenagers Website of Franky Lymon's Group
    The Tokens Website Official website of The Tokens
    The Turbans History of The Turbans as told by Marv Goldberg
    The Velvelettes Very early Motown Girl Group - Not heard much but what an excellent sound! Tribute done on them on Rock-it Radio show #1612.
    Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs Official site of the group that Had the hit "Stay"
    Kathy Young Female Vocalist who sang with The Innocents and had the 1960 hit A Thousand Stars

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    Online Groups and Clubs on Doo Wop Music

    Rockin Records Yahoo Club Club of Mostly Record Collectors of the music of the 50's
    Doo Wop Corner Yahoo Club Yahoo Doo Wop Online Club
    Kirstie's Oldies Malt Shop Club Group of 50s Lovers On Yahoo
    Doo Wop Lovers Yahoo Club For Lover's of Doo Wop
    Doo Wop Stop Another Yahoo Club dedicated to Doo Wop Music
    Bill Haley & The Comets E Club Online Club dedicated to the Music of Bill Haley & The Comets
    Sugar Dolls Diner MSN Group of Doo Wop Enthusiasts -- Great Message board and chat on Doo Wop!

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