Collecting Airchecks

An aircheck is very simply a recording of a radio show. There are generally two types
- Scoped (meaning the music with the exception of maybe just a few seconds has been edited out.)
-Unscoped - where the music has been left in tact of the recording.

Collecting airchecks is a great way to learn broadcasting techniques over the years. It's also a great way of having that feeling of nostalgia, as they truly are a testament of the time and memories of those given time periods. In the past it was usually just those in the radio industry that collected these airchecks from famous broadcasters. But the general public today is getting into it as well. Everyone that wants to remember the sound of a certain favorite DJ of the past - like vintage car enthusiasts that want to get the real feel of the 'cruising' back then will pop in a CD of an aircheck of 20 or 50 years ago! History buffs may also enjoy some airchecks as many include the news broadcast of that day - depending on the station format the aircheck may include local, national and international news. And one of my favorites that I have always enjoyed is the vintage advertisements - from Nash Ramblers, Studebakers to Ipana Toothpaste jingles - they really give the feel of yesteryear!

What was the original reason for an aircheck?? -- There are usually two reasons why an aircheck exists. Their is the homebrew variety of the listener that just enjoyed a show and wanted to record it - and somehow the tape has been saved and preserved over time. And there is the professional studio copy of an aircheck. What this would be is if the DJ wanted to go into a larger market or into syndication he would record his show or a portion of his show and it would be, in a sense, his resume of what his show was like and show his personal style of broadcasting. The dj would then mail out the aircheck of himself to the network or station he was applying for.

Is my favorite DJ on a aircheck?? -- With 1000's of Stations and Radio Jocks out there it is surprising to think of the very few airchecks that actually exist from yesteryear. And over time the tapes get harder to restore and become lost, strayed and the sound quality lessens.
Prior to 1967 before the Cassette tape most airchecks were done on reel to reel tape. Rock-it Radio has restored a couple of airchecks from the 40's that were actually on wire spools and those have proven especially difficult to restore.
Often time Rock-it Radio gets requests for a certain jock on a medium market radio station from the 50's and 60's and sadly we have to reply that we don't currently have them - (we do keep a want list though, and if anything ever does come up we will notify that person that we have found and restored that certain aircheck they are looking for.
The odds of a certain broadcast still existing today requires that someone recorded the show. Most times the DJ did his show and no 'studio' copy ever existed. So, then did a listening fan have a tape recorder and recorded his show? Was it properly catalogued at the time? And did the tape survive the test of time? Or did it get lost, broken, or destroyed? These factors of airchecks from the 40's thru the 60's make them more rare. Fewer people had tape recorders in those days. Or in the case of the 1940's a wire recorder or a record recorder - for those people that might remember those old entertainement systems of the day.
Over the past year's Rock-it Radio has dedicated themselves to restoring and digitalizing 100's of recordings from the 1950's and 1960's preserving them onto compact disc. We have several 100 more recordings that need to be catalogued and continue to do so. In 2008 Rock-it Radio has begun preserving the shows of the 1970's as well before those recordings on tape start deminishing greatly in sound quality also.

What is Rock-it Radio's mission with airchecks ?? -- Originally Rock-it Radio began selling a couple of dozen airchecks to fund Rock-it Radio - whose primary goal is to keep 50's and early 60's Rock and Roll alive. Click here to Check out the Rock-it Radio main webpage.. But in recent times Rock-it Radio has found a second mission in the restoration, retrieval and documentation of these airchecks, and are always happy when a rare aircheck is remastered and a playlist catalogued. The purchase of an aircheck helps fund this project as well.

Volunteers -- From time to time Rock-it Radio Disc Jockeys of Rock-it Radio have stepped forward and assisted in providing playlists for these airchecks.
Janci Jorgen of Rock-it Radio has also donated several hours of volunteering for the playlists of these airchecks currently in our catalog.
Rock-it Radio would also like to thank Nancy Rapchak of New York City that has also volunteered several hours in this project.

If you would like to become a volunteer - E mail us and let us know - We currently have several airchecks from the 60's and 70's - If you are fairly knowledgeable of the music and artists of Rock or Country music at that time - Let us know in your e mail - We will send you a recording in return for a promise of a playlist of that show sent back.
If you would like to become a volunteer we will put you on our list - Just simply e mail us from the link below.

Click here if you wish to E mail us here at Rock-it Radio.

Aircheck Websites

  • Rock-it Radio Launching Pad -- 100's of Airchecks listed by date.

  • Rock-it Radio Pirate Radio Webpage -- Inspired by the Movies - The Boat that Rocked and Pirate Radio - Actual programs from UK Pirate stations of the 60's

  • Ordering Studio Copies of Rock-it Radio Shows

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    As many of you know Rock-it Radio is fighting hard to survive into 2019. Our main source of income is the sale of actual vintage mostly rock radio programs from the 50s to the 70s. The same music we have focused on here at Rock-it Radio. Someone suggested that we offer a sample to see what we are selling. As we are reaching out through social media advertising to increase sales. So here is a audio link to our Catalog RIR #181 the first half of Wolfman Jack at XERB on 12/8/1967.

  • Click here to Listen to Wolfman Jack from 1967.

    Other Great Reasons to Collect and Ways to Enjoy Airchecks

    -- Enjoy the Great Music and actual broadcast of your favorite time in music.

    -- If you have a vintage automobile - Enjoy the Cruise or impress those at a car show with a aircheck playing on your cars sound system.

    -- History and Sociology Buffs - Enjoy the news and styles of the time period of that broadcast of the past.

    -- Jingle Collectors - almost every aircheck has at least a few of the old station jingles.

    -- We have sold many of our Airchecks for Class Reunions to listen to the music of the Class of ...

    -- Gifts to those whose birthdays fall on the date of a certain aircheck -- They make great gifts to show someone what Radio was like back in the day they were born.

    -- The News broadcasts (if the aircheck includes it) is a great historical document of that day.

    -- Great for Nostalgia Themed parties to be playing in the background is always a pleaser to the party guests.

    Rock-it Radio Library assists in making of a movie.

    A couple of year's ago we sold a couple of our Offshore Pirate Radio broadcasts to a couple of assistant producers in the UK - They introduced themselves and stated it is for research for a movie. We didn't realize then it was for the movie that was released originally in the UK as 'The Boat that Rocked'. And is now released in the United States as 'Pirate Radio'. Based on the true story of Offshore Pirate Radio and namely Radio Caroline in the mid 60's. Rock-it Radio has a number of mid 60's Airchecks of this station and is listed in our tribute to Offshore broadcasting - Pirate Radio of the 60's with the link below.

    Click here for the Rock-it Radio Pirate Radio webpage.

    Alan Freed, Hunter Hancock, Porky Chedwick, Dick Biondi .....
    These broadcasting legends playing 50's and 60's Rock and Roll.
    Tune into them again -- 100's of actual vintage Rock and Roll Radio Shows available at the Rock-it Radio Launching Pad. Click to the banner above to get these shows.

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